11month post Breast Augmentation with 445 cc silicon, over the muscle and it's still not right! Have I bottomed out? (photo)

Im 11month post ba. 445cc silicon above the muscle. My right breast is still not right and still believe its either bottoming out or not in pocket correctly. I have been back to surgeon numerous times and still getting no were! My right implant moves continously and is very uncomfortable at times. I have dints to the right and left and have very bad rippling to the touch in right breast, only small amount to the left.  On some of the pucs you can see on the right were the implant has dropped right down to scar level if not bit further. My nipples are not aligned.  Ive also had a 2nd opinion and the other surgeon siad I should of had sub - pectoral position using vertical split polyurethane coated implant as I have very thin skin and had very little breast tissue. I was never warned of this happening. There was no mention what so ever bout my skin being thin only I that I had very little breast tissue... which i already knew hence why I had a ba! In fact I was told  pretty much the opposite that I could pretty much go as large as I wanted as had enough skin to do it. im really not sure whats happening and at a total loss as to what steps to take next. One surgeon is saying one thing another something different??

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Bottoming out implants

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It appears as though your implants may be a little low.  A revision with Strattice usually helps keep the implants well seated.

Bottoming out implants

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Thank you for your breast implant question.
  • The photo suggests your R implant is  bottoming out -it hard to tell about the L in this photo.
  • This needs surgery to correct.
  • I would consider smaller implants.
  • An acellular dermal matrix (ADM) may help as may placing them under the muscle
  • A textured gel muscle might also help
  • In the USA we have no experience with polyurethane implants as they are not FDA approved.
  • Best wishes.

Bottoming out

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It does look like you have bottomed out to me.  I would also recommend placing your implants under the muscle so that you have more coverage and support and so that your look is more natural.  You should discuss revision surgery with your surgeon and voice your concerns about how they look now and how you want them to look.  You might consider downsizing as well, to better fit your frame. 

Bottoming out and double bubble after breast implants

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Thank you for your question.  Based on your photograph it appears that you have bottomed out and may have a double bubble.  Please see her plastic surgeon to discuss revision.  The revision will include lifting your inframammary crease and tightening the pocket to push the implant up into a proper position.

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