Is a 1" Crease-fold Normal After Neck and Face Lift (photo)?

It is 10 days after surgury and I thought I hade been cut and glued by the lookes of the crease's on both sides of my neck under and below my ear lobe. It hurts.

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Crease after Facelift

  The creases do represent a gathering of skin, and these areas should improve with time over the next few months.  The more lax your skin was prior to surgery the more likely to get these folds.

Necklift facelift and creases

Dear Lynda,

  • the one on the right looks like swelling and should improve
  • the one on the left may need an additional procedure to remove the pleat
  • Please bring this up with your plastic surgeon so he/she is aware

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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Face lift

Yoar face lift. The smaller pleats will improve significantly. you have "pleats from poorly excuted short scar face lift.

The smaller pleats will resove to a great extend. The large pleat will not go away and will need revision. At that time you may end up with a scar from the back of the ear to the hair line. Will involve reopening the scar behid the ear extend the scar into the hair line and widely undermine the skin under the ear and behind the ear.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Peculiar fold after facelift

What you see seems to be present on both sides.  It looks like a fold of skin created by trying to keep the incision shorter.  Ask your doctor what this is and to reassure you that it is normal for their patients the way they do the surgery and that it will resolve.  I have not personally seen anything like it though.

Is a 1" Crease-fold Normal After Neck and Face Lift (photo)?

Thanks for posting the detailed photos they really demonstrate the problems with a Short Scar Facelift, LifeStyle Lift, micro Mini FaceLift. I agree with Dr Rand. And as Dr D Ralph Millard taught, "you can not take from Peter to give to Paul". You had a Short Scar FaceLift whether you fully understood the theory and techniques is another issue. By decreasing the incision lengths and limiting the undermining of the skin flap, especially in the post auricular aesthetic zone you are forcing these "folds" or wrinkles. Over time and with intense massages and/or external ultrasound therapy they "should" improve. But not in every case and the resultant pull effect is diminished. I have a few questions for you if you would care to respond: Was your surgeon a boarded PS? Did you have offered a more extensive facelifting technique/s? Where the possible effects outlined in your pre operative discussions/consenting? Please after a few more months of healing give us follow up on this fold issue Thanks and good luck. 

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