Pain + Porcelain Veneers

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Vivaneers?

I've tried searching for information on Vivaneers and have found that there is very minimal sources that can help explain this procedure. After... READ MORE

Is There Any Pain Involved with Veneers?

How painful are veneers to have put on? I kind of have a phobia with dentists and any procedure. Also which are better composite or porcelain? READ MORE

Are Porcelain Veneers Painful to Get Attached?

There was a news show that featured terrible results from people who got porcelaine veneer that were attached by filing the teeth way way down. ... READ MORE

Sensitivity and Pain After Veneer Preparation

I got my gap bonded 8 years ago. The dentist who did it shaved off too much of my tooth. I went to another dentist who I still see. She was in awe at... READ MORE

Sore and Super Sensitive After Veneers

I had to have my two front lower teeth bonded in the 70's and rebonded in the late eigheties. I recently got my insurance to agree to pay for me to... READ MORE

Should I be upset? Dentist shaved my teeth way to much when I asked him not to?

When dentist, recommended veneers for 2 front teeth .., I said to him only if you can make sure my teeth are not shaven real small... Well when my... READ MORE

I fell and broke my top two front teeth off this past Friday. Can they be fixed? (Photo)

The two teeth hurt a tiny bit with air..or cool water on them. My dentist said she can't bond them. She said 3/4th crown 1,000 for both teeth... I'm... READ MORE

Had porcelain veneers month ago and now they're yellow, am in pain and feel bulky. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had what I was told porcelain veneers about a month ago. For past two weeks I noticed them discoloring. They look yellower than before. My natural... READ MORE

Pain and Hyper-sensitivity after veneers?

1 of my front teeth kept getting darker over the yrs (it is dead/ had root canal over 7 yrs ago). I had veneers put on all upper teeth. I was in... READ MORE

Pain After Veneers? (photo)

I did porcelain veneers and crowns to my teeth but my lower teeth ( veneers to the 1st premolars) in continuous pain for week or so while there's no... READ MORE

I woke up with severe pain & sensitivity in my front teeth (which are veneers I received a few years ago).

I got veneers back in 2010 for my front 4 top teeth. I woke up 2 days ago with some sensitivity to cold and a little pain. Now I can't chew anything... READ MORE

My new veneers are causing a lightning storm in my mouth. My options? A re-do? Root canals? Should I even go back to him? photo

None of my teeth hurt prior and the temporaries were fine. One crown chipped so my dentist fixed it, adjusted my bite and gave me flouride varnish. 3... READ MORE

Pain in Only One Corner of Porcelain Veneer?

I experience pain when push gently on the upper right corner of a veneered tooth right next to the gum line ( I only get this pain on this corner and... READ MORE

I had 4 veneers put in and they look terrible. What would you recommend? (photos)

Had 4 veneers put in 7/23 to close gap and remove old bonding top central/lateral incisor. A week later I notice my left central was longer than the... READ MORE

Pain two weeks after permanent veneers fitted?

I've had my permanent veneers on my front two teeth for two weeks now. When I had my temps I had no pain, discomfort or sensitivity. At the moment I... READ MORE

Extreme Jaw Pain After Prep Work for Veneers and Installation, Normal?

Extreme jaw pain after prep work for veneers. I had prep work for 18 veneers done. The top teeth they prepped and I was fine, went back a week later... READ MORE

My veneer is slipping down and the gum above my tooth is very red and almost looks cut, it isnt painful but surely not normal?

I knocked my front tooth out about 7 years ago, after having alot of dental work such as root treatment, braces etc i finally got a veneer fitted... READ MORE

If I get veneers, how long would they last, and would they cause future problems with my bite? I'm 20 (Photo)

I was lately done with bleaching &unsatisfied w/ my two front teeth. One developed a white irreversible decalcification spot, The other was chipped.... READ MORE

I had veneers and a crown 3 weeks ago and the pain has only gotten worse! Is this normal? (Photo)

The first day after my permanents were in I had agonizing pain all day long,Now after 3 weeks I have shooting dull pain.some days one tooth hurts more... READ MORE

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