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Unhappy with Color of Veneers

I Had 16 Veneers Seeded Yesterday.  I Am NOT Happy with the Color.  What Should I Do? Although they supposedly look "natural" I... READ MORE

How White Should I Get my Veneers - What Shade Looks Most Natural?

For someone getting their first Lumineers or porcelain veneers, what do experts recommend for shade or whiteness? I want to look bright white but not... READ MORE

Om3 Vs B1?

Hi im in process of getting 11 upper veneers done. Im worried about the contrast between top n bottom teeth im about a2 bottom teeth I had gone for... READ MORE

Why are my veneers turning out the wrong shade/color? (photos)

Had veneers done around '95 but gums receded which created gap, forcing me to redo them. (photo1). I selected BL2 to go whiter. After work was done... READ MORE

Veneer Color Change Before Procedure?

When my veneers come back from the lab before they are boned am I able to decide I want a brighter whiter color and if so do I have to pay extra for... READ MORE

Will my Dentist Replace These Veneers for Free? (photo)

Two weeks ago I had two new veneers fitted to my two middle upper. I'm not at all happy with the colour, as I was hoping they would match the teeth... READ MORE

is this shade bl4? Because it sure appears much darker! Help! Final cementing is Thursday the 23rd of April. (photo)

I decided on shade bl3 and this is the color of my veneers. They aren't cemented yet and I think they're much darker than the shade I selected. READ MORE

Dental question about Veneers. Question about color choice.

Hi I am about to have my top teeth veneers replaced. My dentist recommended that I choose B1 as my lower veneers are B1. But I prefer the look of BL4.... READ MORE

I got Porcelain Veneers and not happy with color due to paint on top layer of veneer. Is this normal for veneers to be pained?

I got16 veneers fitted-and not happy with colour. I've chosen B3 and I liked temps look,but when my veneers were fitted I have noticed that they are... READ MORE

What is the whitest shade guide color? How do the Hollywood Stars have their teeth? Do they have translucent or opaque veneers?

Hi, I'm looking for the Hollywood Smile. I'm having a tough time getting the right color whiteness with my doctor. Currently I have whiter than OMI on... READ MORE

Veneers Are Too Bright. Whose Fault is That?

I had my veneers on upper teeth done few months ago. I did not like the temporary, but my dentist told that the permanent ones will look more natural.... READ MORE

Would you say these veneers were colour matched properly? (Photo)

I yesterday had 2 veneers on my front 2 teeth, 1 tooth had started turning dark and my dentist suggested veneers. when I visited for my final... READ MORE

Color of veneers. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have 4 temporary veneers on my front teeth with the color B1 You can notice a bit for a difference between real teeth and temps but it's not that... READ MORE

Should I put a veneer on a healthy front tooth in order to better match an adjacent front tooth crown that will be replaced?

My original question was edited by RS, which changed its meaning beyond recognition. So I am trying again: I am having a very old front tooth crown... READ MORE

I Had a Porcelain Veneer Placed on One Front Tooth, and Want to Get the Other Done to Match?

Should I get both redone for a better result? I have heard that even if you mix the same color it may not match the existing veneer. READ MORE

NHS or private for Veneer replacement and color choice?

I need 2 replacement veneers. I have had my ones for approx 12 years. One of them has moved slightly and there is a gap and they are not the same... READ MORE

Deciding on porcelain veneer color!! Any suggestions?

I've searched around on the net at photos of completed smiles with BL 1 and BL 2. I've seen some with BL 1 but very few with BL 2. Can someone show me... READ MORE

Porcelain Crown on Both Front Teeth? Or Porcelain Crown on Just the Tooth Actually Needed?

I have a crown on my front right tooth (tooth #9) and want to get it replaced with a new porcelain crown. I thought i would get my crown replaced and... READ MORE

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