Bulky + Porcelain Veneers

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Veneers Appear to Protrude Outwards and Look Bulky?

I have two issues 1) I'm not very happy as they protrude out and look bulky when i smile. It is much more evident when i smile fully. Is it normal?... READ MORE

Temporary Veneers Are So Bulky and Wide?

I just received my temporary veneers and they are so bulky and wide in appearance. They also lift and protrude my lips considerably. Before that I... READ MORE

Should veneers feel like it's one piece? Do my veneers look too big or bulky? (photo)

I got veneers on 7,8,9 and 10 yesterday, I feel like my veneers look too big and feel like they aren't proportional to my other teeth. My veneers also... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Remove Veneers?

I recently had veneers placed but they look horrible and bulky. They were no prep veneers and the dentist said he can remove them by laser. I wanted... READ MORE

Bulky Veneers, I Just Want my Old Smile Back, is This Possible?

Hello, About 5 years ago after a accent I had 6 veneers fitted to my teeth. I've been self conscious about them since, I really don't like the look,... READ MORE

I have a bulky sensation on veneers. Can I replace/ take them off? (photos)

Hi, I just got some veneers on six of my upper teeth, i feel like they're way too big for my mouth and it just feels weird and bulky and heavy, i cant... READ MORE

Is the Mock Up Supposed to Be Exactly As the Final Result?

Last week my dentist put the mock up in my teeth to see how the porcelain veneers will look. My teeth (with the mock up) look very straight, which is... READ MORE

Should I redo one of my veneers? (photos)

I recently had six new veneers made which replaced ones that I had for many years. In love the shape and color of them, but I am unhappy with their... READ MORE

Should I ask my dentist to shorten my veneers? What should I tell the dentist to do to fix or improve them? (Photo)

My top veneers are so long it covers my bottom teeth? I feel that they look a little bulky. Is that normal since I had a lot of spaces before. What... READ MORE

Can my dentist shave down my front veneer that is a bit too long and bulky?

I had 8 porcelain veneers placed yesterday and I am noticing that one veneer in the front is a bit longer then the other and looks kind of bulky. Can... READ MORE

Should I get my veneers redone? What changes need to be made? (Photo)

I had 8 veneers placed on my top set of teeth. I am not happy with the look of my veneers. I feel they are odd and bulky on the two front teeth. And I... READ MORE

Is this how veneers typically turn out? (photos)

I recently chipped my tooth and they told me a veener would be my best option, I hate the way it looks! Is this how they typically turn out? I feel... READ MORE

I recently got 8 veneers. They are too long and too wide and also jut out slightly like buck teeth. What are my options now?

My smile is completely different, and not in a good way. My teeth are also very bulky and uncomfortable. I voiced my concerns before and after they... READ MORE

Follow-up: Can you help my veneers...without replacing them?? (photo)

I recently got EIGHT upper veneers and am just not happy with them. I think they are too long and too square. My smile isn't as "wide" as I expected.... READ MORE

Are porcelain veneers an option for me? (I've had Ortho Twice) (photos)

I'm a 22, I've had ortho twice, both times I've been very unpleased with the results, specially after the 4 front teeth started shifting back, not... READ MORE

Disappointed in Veneers; any suggestions? (Photos)

I went to a new dentist to get my teeth cleaned and was sold in to getting veneers due to night grinding. I elected to get veneers on the front four... READ MORE

My dentist is willing to replace my veneers. Do I have to let him remake them without a wax-up again? What should I do? (photos)

I got my perms the other day made without a diagnostic wax-up&look like a 3/4 crown(thick ), i think it was a big mistake and reason as well why i... READ MORE

How should I approach Dentist? Should be at my next appt. day or go in sooner?

After having first sets of veneers removed, was very unhappy with the way veneers looked... Very bulky, very big (like bunny teeth)very unnatural. I... READ MORE

Unhappy with veneers. Need help identifying problem to communicate with dentist (Photo)

I know I do not like the way my lip has contoured to my veneers, I also think they are too thick and bulky but maybe I'm wrong. The right side is an... READ MORE

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