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i had a crown placed this afternoon & it is too high, can the dentist shave down the crown a little bit to make my bite better?

I had a crown placed this afternoon. I told the dentist before she cemented it that it was too high, that I couldn't bite down all the way, she used... READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if I Have an Edge to Edge Bite? (photo)

I hate how my teeth look, i cant smile because my teeth dont show =( Here is a little bit of history on my teeth - im 26 i had braces when I was 14,... READ MORE

Side Effect After Composite Veneer Treatment?

Hi Doctors, I would like to know can i remove the composite veneer for the 4 front teeth i did yesterday. After putting on the composite, the sizes of... READ MORE

Can I Have Veneers on the Upper and Lower Teeth with a Very Deep Bite?

I had a very deep bite and due to the orthodontic treatment for 3 years it is come to a point where my lower teeth do not touch my upper teeth anymore... READ MORE

Temporary veneers throwing off my bite. Is it normal to have to go back a few times before they feel right? (Photo)

I got my temporary veneers Wednesday. I went back yesterday because my bite felt uncomfortable. Now, this morning I feel like I might need to go back... READ MORE

Can I Have Venner on Upper and Lower Teeth with a Very Deep Bite? (photo)

So confuse and depress. It's been a year that I'm looking for a right solution to fix my teeth but finally narrow it down to two option. I have very... READ MORE

Can I Get Porcelain Veneers on Upper Prior to Getting Invisalign/Braces to Straighten Bottom Teeth with 3rd Degree Bite? (photo)

I would like to have 4-6 Veneers placed on my upper teeth ASAP,problem being is I Have i think what they called 3rd degree bite where my bite doesn't... READ MORE

Can a night guard change my bite?

Hello. I have 12 veneers/crowns placed on my top teeth, and my dentist recommended a night guard to protect the restorations from damage. I have been... READ MORE

If I get veneers, how long would they last, and would they cause future problems with my bite? I'm 20 (Photo)

I was lately done with bleaching &unsatisfied w/ my two front teeth. One developed a white irreversible decalcification spot, The other was chipped.... READ MORE

My prosthodontist said the only way to get my bite back is to have all my upper 8 teeth redone. Is there an alternative? (Photo)

I had 6 porcelain crowns and 2 veneers done on my top 8 teeth. Now i have a bite issue. I went to see a prosthodontist yesterday, he my bite is off... READ MORE

Veneer keeps falling off due to grinding.

My upper veneer bite down over my lower teeth. I grind when sleeping. The 2 left veneer next to my left front tooth keep falling. I've been back to... READ MORE

Redoing veneers, a good idea? Risky?

Hi all, I have 8 porcelain veneers on my top teeth. I am unhappy with my never ending bite issues (tried it all, adjustments, mouth guard) and shade... READ MORE

How much length can veneers add to my upper teeth in accordance with my bite? (photos)

I have short teeth that I would like to lengthen by 5mm. Is it possible on my bite? I have added photos of my bite. READ MORE

Pain under permanent porcelain bridge and veneer. (Photo)

A few months ago I had my front 6 teeth replaced (5 on a bridge and 1 veneer). For the past few weeks the tooth on the end of the bridge next to the... READ MORE

Can I fix my teeth without treating the underbite? (photos)

Hello everyone, I'm 26 years old for the record. With my underbite: I have never had problems biting my food, my bottom jaw is of regular size, i... READ MORE

Can bite adjusted veneers be fixed? (Photo)

I just had veneers done and the dentist was doing bite adjustments while I was still numb and the veneers on one side ended up very very small. I was... READ MORE

Impossible to get veneers when my bite is off? (photos)

I went to see a cosmetic dentist today because I want to get veneers to get a wider (most important) and whiter smile and she told me it's a difficult... READ MORE

Can I have advice regarding aesthetic bonding, veneers, Invisalign, bite correction? (Photo)

1. Dentist won't insure aesthetic bonding on 6 bottom teeth unless I get a nightguard made by her. Bonding cost is $2000+. Nightguard is $700+. I... READ MORE

Swelling that has traveled, following veneers. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had veneers placed in on Monday and soon thereafter experienced discomfort on one of the teeth. I wasn't able to bite down or apply pressure... READ MORE

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