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i had a crown placed this afternoon & it is too high, can the dentist shave down the crown a little bit to make my bite better?

I had a crown placed this afternoon. I told the dentist before she cemented it that it was too high, that I couldn't bite down all the way, she used... READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if I Have an Edge to Edge Bite? (photo)

I hate how my teeth look, i cant smile because my teeth dont show =( Here is a little bit of history on my teeth - im 26 i had braces when I was 14,... READ MORE

Side Effect After Composite Veneer Treatment?

Hi Doctors, I would like to know can i remove the composite veneer for the 4 front teeth i did yesterday. After putting on the composite, the sizes of... READ MORE

Can I Have Veneers on the Upper and Lower Teeth with a Very Deep Bite?

I had a very deep bite and due to the orthodontic treatment for 3 years it is come to a point where my lower teeth do not touch my upper teeth anymore... READ MORE

Can I Have Venner on Upper and Lower Teeth with a Very Deep Bite? (photo)

So confuse and depress. It's been a year that I'm looking for a right solution to fix my teeth but finally narrow it down to two option. I have very... READ MORE

Temporary veneers throwing off my bite. Is it normal to have to go back a few times before they feel right? (Photo)

I got my temporary veneers Wednesday. I went back yesterday because my bite felt uncomfortable. Now, this morning I feel like I might need to go back... READ MORE

Can I Get Porcelain Veneers on Upper Prior to Getting Invisalign/Braces to Straighten Bottom Teeth with 3rd Degree Bite? (photo)

I would like to have 4-6 Veneers placed on my upper teeth ASAP,problem being is I Have i think what they called 3rd degree bite where my bite doesn't... READ MORE

If I get veneers, how long would they last, and would they cause future problems with my bite? I'm 20 (Photo)

I was lately done with bleaching &unsatisfied w/ my two front teeth. One developed a white irreversible decalcification spot, The other was chipped.... READ MORE

My prosthodontist said the only way to get my bite back is to have all my upper 8 teeth redone. Is there an alternative? (Photo)

I had 6 porcelain crowns and 2 veneers done on my top 8 teeth. Now i have a bite issue. I went to see a prosthodontist yesterday, he my bite is off... READ MORE

Can a night guard change my bite?

Hello. I have 12 veneers/crowns placed on my top teeth, and my dentist recommended a night guard to protect the restorations from damage. I have been... READ MORE

Veneer keeps falling off due to grinding.

My upper veneer bite down over my lower teeth. I grind when sleeping. The 2 left veneer next to my left front tooth keep falling. I've been back to... READ MORE

Pain under permanent porcelain bridge and veneer. (Photo)

A few months ago I had my front 6 teeth replaced (5 on a bridge and 1 veneer). For the past few weeks the tooth on the end of the bridge next to the... READ MORE

Can I have advice regarding aesthetic bonding, veneers, Invisalign, bite correction? (Photo)

1. Dentist won't insure aesthetic bonding on 6 bottom teeth unless I get a nightguard made by her. Bonding cost is $2000+. Nightguard is $700+. I... READ MORE

Can I fix my teeth without treating the underbite? (photos)

Hello everyone, I'm 26 years old for the record. With my underbite: I have never had problems biting my food, my bottom jaw is of regular size, i... READ MORE

Swelling that has traveled, following veneers. Any suggestions?

Hello, I had veneers placed in on Monday and soon thereafter experienced discomfort on one of the teeth. I wasn't able to bite down or apply pressure... READ MORE

How much length can veneers add to my upper teeth in accordance with my bite? (photos)

I have short teeth that I would like to lengthen by 5mm. Is it possible on my bite? I have added photos of my bite. READ MORE

Veneers to correct slightly outstanding front teeth?

I have a perfect bite but my two front teeth is tipping out a bit, just some extra mm. Can this be corrected with veneers? READ MORE

Impossible to get veneers when my bite is off? (photos)

I went to see a cosmetic dentist today because I want to get veneers to get a wider (most important) and whiter smile and she told me it's a difficult... READ MORE

Looking for the right doctor in my area. My question is, would veneers correct my bite? (Photo)

I'm looking for a dentist who's an expert in veneers and creating a natural smile. I don't like bulky veneers that look artificial. I have braces on... READ MORE

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