Age 25-34 + Porcelain Veneers

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I have a loose front tooth. What should I do?

I am a 27 year old female who does not smoke. I haven't had any recent tramua. My front tooth is loose and I have been told I need to have root... READ MORE

What Happens to Veneers/Lumineers After 10-15 Years?

I am 25 now. Should not happen that i am left with no tooth at 40! READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if I Have an Edge to Edge Bite? (photo)

I hate how my teeth look, i cant smile because my teeth dont show =( Here is a little bit of history on my teeth - im 26 i had braces when I was 14,... READ MORE

Will Getting Veneers Help my Damaged Teeth?

The dentist said that it will be about $12000 out of pocket to get all my teeth fixed I was just wondering would it be better to get veneers instead?... READ MORE

Can I Get Veneers if my Upper and Lower Incisors Come in Contact While Chewing?

I am a 25 year old girl and have healthy, but small teeth that barely show when I smile. So I want to get veneers to make my teeth look bigger. But... READ MORE

Correcting a Few Misaligned Teeth Vs. Braces?

Hello there, My question is, what factors dictate the feasibility of correcting a few misaligned teeth? I have pointy canine teeth that I'm... READ MORE

What can be done to correct my Buccal Corridor? I'm 27 YO Female. (photos)

I would like to reduce the dark spaces and achieve a broader and more flattering smile. Whilst a palatal expander may be useful when treating... READ MORE

Can I Have Venner on Upper and Lower Teeth with a Very Deep Bite? (photo)

So confuse and depress. It's been a year that I'm looking for a right solution to fix my teeth but finally narrow it down to two option. I have very... READ MORE

How to get a fuller smile? I've had braces. I'd like my smile to be similar to Britney Spears-I love her smile and teeth (Photo)

I'm 29-I had braces when I was 21 for 1 year and then my teeth shifted after a few years and then when I turned 25 I purchases invisalign. I did not... READ MORE

Can veneers correct my narrow upper teeth arch?

Only my top 4 front teeth show when I smile, I have a narrow upper teeth/jaw arch. Wanting to widen my smile loke those hollywood smiles, can veneers... READ MORE

Diastema solution - what is my best option? (Photo)

I'm living abroad where veneers and bonding are more affordable. I really, really want to correct a significant Diastema. It is genetic and has stayed... READ MORE

Should I Skip Invisalign and Just Go for Veneers?

My smile has made me self conscious all my life. I am a 27 year old student who is afraid to talk to people directly due to me feeling as if they're... READ MORE

I am 33, I always didn't like my front teeth. Am I a good candidate for Veneers? (photos)

I am 33, I always didnt like my up front teeths. I was getting an idea from my dentist but he recommended me to just leave them like this. He thinks... READ MORE

Option for Front Chipped Teeth? Age 26. Bonding Vs Porcelain Veneers? (photo)

Broke at the age of 10 and repaired 4 times only with filling but don't last although I don't bite with my front teeth as much as possible. Have never... READ MORE

I'm so unhappy with my teeth. What can I do to change this? (Photo)

My teeth are crooked and horrible it offects my smile holds me back from laughing propperly.also offects my confidence and its causes me realy bad... READ MORE

Are veneers possible with my overlapping front teeth? (photos)

I know that braces/invisalign are the better option,however I am curious whether or not veneers are possible given the overlapping in the front. I am... READ MORE

I'm 34 and wondering if I should get Braces or Porcelain Veneers? (photos)

I'm 34yrs old, firstly if I should get braces or veneers, i'm worried that veneers will be no good in 10+yrs. I was on some meds that wrecked my teeth... READ MORE

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