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I have gotten a sleeve almost finished and it has been the worst decision I have ever made. My self confidence is completely gone down the drain. I feel like I use to be a very pretty girl and was always proud of my body and felt good but now I want to die every time I look in the mirror because... READ MORE

Well where do I start. I have two tattoos I'm removing that are a pretty nice size on my legs. They have never bothered me before. I retired from the Army and was very successful but I wore a uniform everyday. I guess I never thought past the Army. So transitioning into the civilian world I... READ MORE

Hey everyone I'm not gonna get into the details of how I got the tattoo bit here is my tattoo removal journey so far. Just had my third treatment done 2 days ago and here it is what it looks like. Because of my dark skin colour the settings were on low all throughout 3 treatments and bare in... READ MORE

I am removing many tattoos on my left arm. i keep just some of my cryptic tattoos and the rest will be removed completely. I habe noticed that the skin looks brownish where the background was removed and i am wondering if my skin will be like before the tattoo or if a shadow will stay. i have an... READ MORE

Hi guys, i would like to share with you my arm tattoo removal procedure. I liked a lot my tattoo when I did it, 1 and a half year ago, but then for some reason the lines started to get blurry and I wanted to get rid of it. The person who tattooed me was excellent, I saw her portfolio and knew... READ MORE

Without going into a lot of detail I got a tattoo, earlier this year, that I ended up wanting to get rid of. It didn't turn out how I wanted and like many others here I went through anxiety and depression about it. Instead of letting it take over, I decided to research what I could do about it.... READ MORE

I am about halfway through my tattoo removal treatments and was asked to share my story so here goes. I have a few tattoos and love most of them but do notams have not liked the last one I got since I had it done. For 8 years I have not been comfortable wearing dresses or shorts without high... READ MORE

I got my tattoo in October 2013 and immediately regretted my decision. It was a very impulsive decision on my behalf. The tattoo I had gotten was in honor of my dad who passed away when I was just 3 years old. As the months went on I really hated my tattoo and ended up going to therapy to deal... READ MORE

I am in the process of a Tattoo disaster that goes back a few years! Stupidly when on a stag do in Magaluf I had a black & grey dragon done on my upper arm that was terrible but I lived with it as it was out of sight. I had it reworked not long after getting back but that was just to firm up the... READ MORE

Tomorrow marks one month since I got my forearm tattoo. It's been a crazy month of regret, emotions, but also acceptance. In May I'll be starting the process to remove the tattoo I got on my forearm kind of impulsively, kind of not. The idea for the tattoo itself was not impulsive, but I drove a... READ MORE

I got my first tattoo on my wrist when I was 18. It didn't turn out that great so after a few years I had it covered up with a new tattoo (which had to be bigger and darker). Its now been a few more years and I can see my previous tattoo showing through. It really annoys me and being on... READ MORE

Hi guys im jake im new here, im 19 years old and just had this partially finished half sleeve tattoo done. Its all black ink I believe, I desperately want It off my skin as I just dont feel im ready to have something this big on my skin. I would really like to keep the dove design on the inside... READ MORE

January 2016 - I decided this was the year - the year I finally started the process of getting my left arm tattooed. After lots of consideration, I knew I wanted to express the side of myself I hide from people in the form of tattooing. I wanted a Ghibli/Totoro design on my upper arm to... READ MORE

Throughout the years of my life I've done a lot of stupid things.....getting a crazy amount of tattoos is one of them. Being in the fitness field and bodybuilding world I should be trying to praise how I look and not cover it up. I'm not saying I'm going to get rid of all my tattoos but I need... READ MORE

I got this tattoo in August of 2014, and only months later, am beginning the removal process. It's kind of a long story, but in short, the numerals are incorrect (my fault), and due to spacing issues/blowouts in the linework, unfortunately it can't be corrected to my liking. I just started... READ MORE

Got three tattoos that I liked initially , but have become very uncomfortable with them. So three months later , here I am having them removed. I did a lot of research and decided picosure is the way to go . Luckily there's a Drs office that has it about 11 miles away from where I live . Had... READ MORE

So I have recently began my " picosure journey" with trueskin Harley street. I am a week in and can only describe it do far as ITCHY as hell! I round like to chart my journey with photos over the coming months. Advice and reassurance would be hugely appreciated. Thanks to everyone in advance.... READ MORE

I posted on this site a couple of months ago, after my first consultation with a laser technician. That technician uses Nd:Yag lasers and told me 4-5 removal sessions would be enough to lighten my tattoo enough for a cover-up. A few doctors on this site suggested the Picosure laser, and I took... READ MORE

Went for a consultation at second dermatologist for the removal of four tattoos, each approximtely 16-17 years old. One is on the inner section of my forearm (frog), and the other three are on my legs (2 on outside section of ankles, larger one on my calf). The dermatologist I met with does... READ MORE

These pictures are 2 weeks after first appointment. Hate these tattoos. I had these tattoos performed unprofessionally but with a professional tattoo gun. I had the tattoos for maybe 3-4 years before I had enough money to remove them. The Picosure was very painful, but it went by pretty fast,... READ MORE

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