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Not sure about PicoSure? It’s an FDA-approved laser technology that uses short bursts of energy — a picosecond’s worth at a time — for tattoo removal, acne scars treatment, and, more recently, wrinkle treatment. LEARN MORE ›

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Without going into a lot of detail I got a tattoo, earlier this year, that I ended up wanting to get rid of. It didn't turn out how I wanted and like many others here I went through anxiety and depression about it. Instead of letting it take over, I decided to research what I could do about it.... READ MORE

I posted on this site a couple of months ago, after my first consultation with a laser technician. That technician uses Nd:Yag lasers and told me 4-5 removal sessions would be enough to lighten my tattoo enough for a cover-up. A few doctors on this site suggested the Picosure laser, and I took... READ MORE

I decided to get a tattoo in memory of my late grandma around 15 months ago. It wasn't long before I realised that the tattoo wasn't for me and that I should've chosen a better design that I felt more comfortable with. You know how it can be though, when you feel uncomfortable telling somebody... READ MORE

Tomorrow marks one month since I got my forearm tattoo. It's been a crazy month of regret, emotions, but also acceptance. In May I'll be starting the process to remove the tattoo I got on my forearm kind of impulsively, kind of not. The idea for the tattoo itself was not impulsive, but I drove a... READ MORE

Hi I am Jeremy from France and I have a calf tattoo that I regret so much: it was made 3 mounths ago by a famous artist I thought talented. I am not an impulsive person usually but I now realize that I decided Too Quick. I have a flower lotus that I have made inked in thailand 5 years ago and I... READ MORE

I had one treatment with piciosure laser in NYC. It took all the migration out of my eyelids. My eyelashes shortened and they said they should grow back normal. Some turned white. I bruised bad but today is day number 4 and I look good .... No so swollen anymore but O iced they hell out of my... READ MORE

It hurts! And the green always bubbles up. The tooth and Taz I have had 2 treatments so far. And the clover I had my first treatment 9 days ago. I paid for 6 treatments for all of them. I originally was doing 8 weeks apart, but I just changed it to 12 weeks after reading up on how long you... READ MORE

I got a black tattoo on my inner forearm when I was in my 20s and after years of deliberation I decided to remove it as a 38th birthday present to myself. I always thought that getting rid of a tattoo would be almost as quick and as expensive as having it done... I was wrong. I have had five... READ MORE

Well where do I start. I have two tattoos I'm removing that are a pretty nice size on my legs. They have never bothered me before. I retired from the Army and was very successful but I wore a uniform everyday. I guess I never thought past the Army. So transitioning into the civilian world I... READ MORE

I went for my first picosure laser treatment today. I had one previous laser treatment about 4 years ago that barely faded it so I am hoping to see vast improvement. It's hard to rate the pain from this laser from the last because I had numbing stuff injected into my foot last time. They... READ MORE

Well i just had my first picosure laser session 4 days ago on my arm. it was the start of a half sleeve that i ended up hating because of to much color. it is costing me $1100 a session. i was reading alot of reviews on this laser n everybody seems to say something different about the pain of... READ MORE

I had a tattoo on my hip that I liked; just didn't like the placement. In order to have a successful cover-up, it had to be bigger and shaded. I was clear on not wanting it to turn out being a dark piece and it looking tribal. 3 hours and 300$ later it was huge, black and very tribal looking.... READ MORE

I've decided to document my journey so I could help other people out there with a similar situation as mine. I was in vulnerable place when I've got this Bansky tattoo on my right arm and regret is been hunting me since then. Today I have my first treatment with revlite laser recommended by the... READ MORE

This tattoo is 2 years old and unfortunately I hate how big it is, it makes me depressed and anxious ( currently seeking professional help) I have removed the majority of the shading in only 2 sessions using picosure but it is still far too big, I am seriously contemplating full removal as I... READ MORE

I wanted this tattoo for years and a week ago I decided to get it. But now that I have it I hate it. I love he design and the way it was done but the placement was a bad decision. I got it on my forearm and now I'm depressed looking at it. It's huge and I'm not that big of a person. After I got... READ MORE

I got my tattoo in October 2013 and immediately regretted my decision. It was a very impulsive decision on my behalf. The tattoo I had gotten was in honor of my dad who passed away when I was just 3 years old. As the months went on I really hated my tattoo and ended up going to therapy to deal... READ MORE

Throughout the years of my life I've done a lot of stupid things.....getting a crazy amount of tattoos is one of them. Being in the fitness field and bodybuilding world I should be trying to praise how I look and not cover it up. I'm not saying I'm going to get rid of all my tattoos but I need... READ MORE

So I'm on my second session and I'm starting to love the Results even tho it looks nasty while it's healing. The first letter is slowly going away since it dry up already. On the bad side it's been very itchy and annoying. On the bright side it's all worth it. I can not wait for my third... READ MORE

My story is fairly trivial. I got the tattoo I didn't like (it was 3 years ago or so), the size was wrong, the color was too bright, tattoo artist didn't get me right and fulfilled her creative ambitions on my skin! Initially I wanted to cover up tiny scars with gentle soft shades really close... READ MORE

I have a large all black tattoo on my torso. I ahve had one PicoSure Treatment so far. I am due back for my second oe October 7th. I am happy to not see any hypo and/or hyer pigmentation. It was extremely itchy for about two weeks but I had little to no blistering. Now though, it seems to look... READ MORE

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