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PicoSure is an FDA-approved laser technology that uses short bursts of energy for the removal of tattoos, moles, acne scars, and age spots, as well as the reduction of wrinkles. PicoSure's bursts are measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second) which cause the tattoo ink or other damage to break apart into tiny particles which are eliminated by the body. Compared to traditional nanosecond lasers, PicoSure may be more effective on stubborn colors and require fewer treatments to achieve final results.

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34 Years old momma with Tattoo Regret. San Luis Obispo , CA

Got three tattoos that I liked initially , but have become very uncomfortable with them. So three months later , here I am having them removed. I did a lot of research and decided picosure is the way to go . Luckily there's a Drs office that has it about 11 miles away from where I live . Had... READ MORE

Half Sleeve Picosure Tattoo Removal - Allentown, PA

My half sleeve was my first large body modification and even though I went to a reputable shop, I was set up with a fairly new artist (I didn't know this at the time) and I should have been told what I wanted didn't translate well into a tattoo. I am friendly with quite a few artists in the area... READ MORE

21 Year Old Hoping to Get Small Tattoo Removed by PicoSure

Hey guys. My name's Danielle, I'm from Ireland. About 6 years ago I made a very stupid decision to get a tattoo in honour of my friend who had passed away. As I was young enough and couldn't afford the proper cost of an experienced tattoo artist, I opted for an amateur who worked out of his... READ MORE

Large Back Tattoo Regret - Spain, ES

This tattoo is 2 years old and unfortunately I hate how big it is, it makes me depressed and anxious ( currently seeking professional help) I have removed the majority of the shading in only 2 sessions using picosure but it is still far too big, I am seriously contemplating full removal as I... READ MORE

Picosure Tattoo Aberdeen Scotland

Had my tattoo done by Darren Brass at Miami ink in November last year while on holiday with my husband he also had on by another artist which came out well. as you can see from the picture it's a weird shape poor detail and way to dark despite specifically stating I didn't want a dark tattoo. I... READ MORE

pico sure laser at puls light clinic - London, GB

I have a tattoo on my arm, done 10 years ago, its three tattoos on top of each other (cover up) i had my first treatment couple of weeks ago. it was painful as hell! arm was bleeding, in pain for 24h, swollen, blisters, 4 days was pretty swollen and raw. then it started healing. after 2 weeks... READ MORE

Picosure on Black Tattoo - London, GB

I got a black tattoo on my inner forearm when I was in my 20s and after years of deliberation I decided to remove it as a 38th birthday present to myself. I always thought that getting rid of a tattoo would be almost as quick and as expensive as having it done... I was wrong. I have had five... READ MORE

Large Black Rose Tattoo on Neck - Hove, UK

Hi all, thought I would share the long journey I am about to undertake. Without going into to much detail I had a mad moment back in February and got a large black rose tattoo on my neck, this I regretted straight away. I Have been inspired by other stories on this site and has helped me set... READ MORE

Picosure Tattoo Removal - Carefree, AZ

I've been wanting to get rid of this bad decision for a little over 20 years now. I finally decided to get on it and purchased a package of four treatments from Revital-AZ in Carefree. The staff there was wonderful, and they were very professional. The tattoo is in a very sensitive area and the... READ MORE

20 Year Old Tattoo Must Go! - Melbourne, AU

In my teens I got a tattoo on my ankle of a Pegasus, which I immediately regretted. I have been covering it for many years with makeup or wearing stockings and done such a great job that many people, including close friends don't know I have a tattoo. I finally got feed up covering it up and... READ MORE

Wrist Tattoo Removal. Latham, NY

I got a tattoo on my wrist when I was 21. Well... almost 10 years later, at 30 years old I absolutely hate it! It's not the tattoo itself, but more of the location. So I decided to take the plunge and get it removed. But with that being said I am so glad I made that choice. My tattoo is a very... READ MORE

3 Tattoos on my Ankles. New Hope, PA

It hurts! And the green always bubbles up. The tooth and Taz I have had 2 treatments so far. And the clover I had my first treatment 9 days ago. I paid for 6 treatments for all of them. I originally was doing 8 weeks apart, but I just changed it to 12 weeks after reading up on how long you... READ MORE

PicoSure Tattoo Removal Burned my Skin - Tuckahoe, NY

Hello, I'm here to tell you guys about my experience at Kerin Medspa in Tuckahoe, NY. I purchased my laser tattoo removal from Groupon and did a lot of research into difference facilities that use the picosure laser machines. The Kerin Medspa received numerous positive reviews which led me to... READ MORE

25 Years and 9 Tattoos but 1 Mistake - Belgium

Hello I l from Belgium. I have a mistake on ribs. Sorry for my english :) I saw badly this situation. I am always sad but fortunately my friend is very comprehensive. Here is a photo of my tattoo. I am afraid of the pain but it will be a new life. The details are not perfect ... the color is... READ MORE

Wrist Tattoo Removal - A Slow and Ongoing Journey

Hello to those who are reading! So how do I start this, I got a "Hakuna Matata" tattoo on my right wrist because I was very very stupid at the time. It was done in october of 2013, and not even a month later I regretted it. I regret it so much that seeing it makes me upset! Every. Single. Time... READ MORE

What the F@$K Was I Thinking?!

In mid September 2016 I lost my mind and got a tattoo on the front of my neck. The tattoo says "Gypsy". It's all black ink. Black letter along with black shading. It's nicely done and professional work. However, my placement for the tattoo was very very wrong. I have since fallen into a deep... READ MORE

Picosure Tattoo Removal on two full sleeves and chest- Ohio

Throughout the years of my life I've done a lot of stupid things.....getting a crazy amount of tattoos is one of them. Being in the fitness field and bodybuilding world I should be trying to praise how I look and not cover it up. I'm not saying I'm going to get rid of all my tattoos but I need... READ MORE

Ankle Tattoo - Italy

I've decided to try to remove this 10 years old tattoo in 2011, I did not like it from the beginning, I had #5 q switch treatments without success and after 4 years, this month I decided to try with picosure. First treatment was last Friday the 24th, I had no pain, bat the ankle swelling and... READ MORE

Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal - Pittsburgh, PA

I'm in the process of getting multiple tattoos removed by a Picosure laser. The tattoos are on my forearms, wrist, and one of my fingers. After only one treatment so far, I'm very optimistic about the procedure; though, it hasn't been without it's downsides. I have extremely sensitive skin... READ MORE

Tattoo Laser Removal - Wrist

I got my first tattoo on my wrist when I was 18. It didn't turn out that great so after a few years I had it covered up with a new tattoo (which had to be bigger and darker). Its now been a few more years and I can see my previous tattoo showing through. It really annoys me and being on... READ MORE

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