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Not sure about PicoSure? It’s an FDA-approved laser technology that uses short bursts of energy — a picosecond’s worth at a time — for tattoo removal, acne scars treatment, and, more recently, wrinkle treatment. LEARN MORE ›

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I had my first laser treatment yesterday. I had it done at Dermatology Associates of East Texas in Tyler, Texas. I'm very happy with my experience at the doctor's office. The laser did indeed hurt very much but it was fast. The tattoo I'm removing is about 1/2" to 3/4" wide and goes all the way... READ MORE

Got three tattoos that I liked initially , but have become very uncomfortable with them. So three months later , here I am having them removed. I did a lot of research and decided picosure is the way to go . Luckily there's a Drs office that has it about 11 miles away from where I live . Had... READ MORE

Throughout the years of my life I've done a lot of stupid things.....getting a crazy amount of tattoos is one of them. Being in the fitness field and bodybuilding world I should be trying to praise how I look and not cover it up. I'm not saying I'm going to get rid of all my tattoos but I need... READ MORE

This tattoo is 2 years old and unfortunately I hate how big it is, it makes me depressed and anxious ( currently seeking professional help) I have removed the majority of the shading in only 2 sessions using picosure but it is still far too big, I am seriously contemplating full removal as I... READ MORE

I am in the process of a Tattoo disaster that goes back a few years! Stupidly when on a stag do in Magaluf I had a black & grey dragon done on my upper arm that was terrible but I lived with it as it was out of sight. I had it reworked not long after getting back but that was just to firm up the... READ MORE

Hi everyone, My names Rachel, I’m 21 and living in Sacramento. 3 years ago I impulsively got a tattoo in memory of my cousin and my uncle who had recently died. The tattoo was not done professionally and was very simple- Just an infinity symbol with the date of their passing below. I was o... READ MORE

I got my first tattoo on my wrist when I was 18. It didn't turn out that great so after a few years I had it covered up with a new tattoo (which had to be bigger and darker). Its now been a few more years and I can see my previous tattoo showing through. It really annoys me and being on... READ MORE

Hi all, thought I would share the long journey I am about to undertake. Without going into to much detail I had a mad moment back in February and got a large black rose tattoo on my neck, this I regretted straight away. I Have been inspired by other stories on this site and has helped me set... READ MORE

So I got a tattoo when I was 18 to represent my four sisters. It entailed four bright blue butterflies and the words 'forever sisters' underneath. I soon hated it, covering it whenever I spoke to people and very rarely wearing short sleeved tops, even when boiling hot! I have had two picosure... READ MORE

So I'm on my second session and I'm starting to love the Results even tho it looks nasty while it's healing. The first letter is slowly going away since it dry up already. On the bad side it's been very itchy and annoying. On the bright side it's all worth it. I can not wait for my third... READ MORE

I am removing many tattoos on my left arm. i keep just some of my cryptic tattoos and the rest will be removed completely. I habe noticed that the skin looks brownish where the background was removed and i am wondering if my skin will be like before the tattoo or if a shadow will stay. i have an... READ MORE

I have had 3 treatments with the q switched in the past and wanted to give the picosure a try. I was very impressed with the results even though I just had the picosure treatment 3 days ago. I can tell it has dissolved ink even though I still have some blistering. you can clearly tell the tattoo... READ MORE

I've decided to document my journey so I could help other people out there with a similar situation as mine. I was in vulnerable place when I've got this Bansky tattoo on my right arm and regret is been hunting me since then. Today I have my first treatment with revlite laser recommended by the... READ MORE

Tomorrow marks one month since I got my forearm tattoo. It's been a crazy month of regret, emotions, but also acceptance. In May I'll be starting the process to remove the tattoo I got on my forearm kind of impulsively, kind of not. The idea for the tattoo itself was not impulsive, but I drove a... READ MORE

I am about halfway through my tattoo removal treatments and was asked to share my story so here goes. I have a few tattoos and love most of them but do notams have not liked the last one I got since I had it done. For 8 years I have not been comfortable wearing dresses or shorts without high... READ MORE

I got my entire forearm outlined in black ink 3/28/15. This is my first and only tattoo. I have not gone back for shading. I am currently in a weird limbo place with my tattoo. It is not finished and prominently displayed, but I am scared to get more work done. After getting the ink, I... READ MORE

I got my tattoo in October 2013 and immediately regretted my decision. It was a very impulsive decision on my behalf. The tattoo I had gotten was in honor of my dad who passed away when I was just 3 years old. As the months went on I really hated my tattoo and ended up going to therapy to deal... READ MORE

My first tattoo was from an amateur artist. I was 19 and got my first tattoo. I loved it because I put a lot of meaning to it. He did the tattoo but it was not a great job. I didn't mind until 4 years later I wanted to fix it and the artist I went to had done 2 other of my tattoos and they came... READ MORE

I hate my self so much and think my life i partly ruined :( :( I had have this tattoo fore two day and haven't liked it at all. Its is beautiful but not fore me. Its my first tattoo. Its way too visible. My biggest fear is, that it can go away. I have spoken to a Picosure place, and sent... READ MORE

Hello I l from Belgium. I have a mistake on ribs. Sorry for my english :) I saw badly this situation. I am always sad but fortunately my friend is very comprehensive. Here is a photo of my tattoo. I am afraid of the pain but it will be a new life. The details are not perfect ... the color is... READ MORE

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