Subcision on a 37 Year Old Hispanic Male for Rolling Acne Scars

*Treatment results may vary

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After photos are 1 year after one subcision treatment for the patient's rolling acne scars. Of note on his Before photos, this patient already had 1 full CO2 laser resurfacing ($8000) and a series of Fraxel Restore sessions ($6000 total). This patient did feel that the texture and color improved with the lasers, but did nothing “pop out” the acne scars after the multiple laser treatments. The single subcision session “popped out” the indented rolling scars more than the combined efforts of multiple laser session including a full CO2 laser resurfacing. Although his skin is not perfect after a single session, the improvement surpassed the promises of his prior laser sessions. This patient had a second subcision session at his 1 year follow up.