45-54 year old woman treated with Liposculpture of outer thighs (saddle bags).

*Treatment results may vary

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This is a 54 year-old female with a chief complaint of an abnormal shape of her outer thighs. The patient is healthy and she eats a well-balanced diet. She exercises moderately. Despite weight loss and exercise throughout her adult years, she continues to have this unflattering lipodystrophy (abnormal distribution of fat). She underwent suction-assisted liposuction to the outer thigh area. This patient had an uneventful recovery. She experienced typical mild discomfort for 10-14 days as well as mild bruising and swelling. She was required to wear a post-operative compression garment for one month following surgery. The fat located in the outer thigh area is typically easy to remove using any liposuction device (e.g.,suction-assisted, power-assisted, ultrasonic, water-jet) relative to some other areas of the body, where the fat is more fibrotic.