65-74 year old woman treated with Eyelid Surgery

*Treatment results may vary

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A 69-year-old patient came to our plastic surgery office for a consult about eyelid surgery. She wanted “a mild, barely visible improvement” in both upper and lower eyelids. She was in particular concerned about deep grooves between lower eyelids and cheeks.

Clinical evaluation demonstrated severe loss of skin elasticity due to aging and sun exposure and severe atrophy of facial fat tissue. We discussed full facial rejuvenation which would include face and neck lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat grafting to multiple areas of the face, around the eyes and chemical peel. She decided to do just eyelid surgery.

Surgery was done in local anesthesia with mild perioral sedation in our office plastic surgery center. Very conservative removal of skin from upper and lower eyelids was done. Fat deposits located above the tear trough were moved underneath the eyelid/cheek groove to fill and partially eliminate the groove. Lower eyelids were additionally tightened and elevated by means of canthopexy. Patient recovery was uneventful.

Image on the left is before eyelid surgery; image on the right is 6 months after upper and lower blepharoplasty, canthopexy and transposition of fat compartments around the eyes. No face/neck surgery nor skin rejuvenation was done at this point.