35-44 year old woman treated with Eyelid Surgery

*Treatment results may vary

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A 42-year-old Brazilian presented in our plastic surgery center for cosmetic consult regarding improvement of dark hallow skin circles below lower eyelids and correction of droopy upper eyelids.

After a thorough clinical evaluation we suggested correction of upper eyelid fullness by means of upper blepharoplasty and placement of small amount of fat grafts into her cheeks and, in particular, in the area of tear (nasal jugal) groove between the cheek and the eyelid.

Her surgery was done in local anesthesia and included upper eyelid surgery (trimming of eyelid skin) and fat grafting of cheeks and around the eyes (periorbital fat grafts).

Before blepharoplasty and fat graft augmentation (left) and 6 months after upper blepharoplasty and fat grafting (right). It is noticeable that beside shape improvement and flattening of the groove, dark skin of the lower eyelid appears lighter; this is frequently seen as an additional beneficial effect of fat grafting (possibly stem cell effect).