55-64 year old man treated with Perlane

*Treatment results may vary

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A man in his mid 50’s who has had lower lid blepharoplasty elsewhere and was told that he might eventually need some volume to the midface. As we age, we are losing volume in our face- like a peach that’s been left on the counter too long. We can pull up skin that sags from volume loss with a face lift, but this doesn’t correct the volume loss. When the neck and jaw line is good, we can add volume back to give a more rested look. If we are in the operating room and a patient has enough fat we will use their own fat with fat grafting. But we can also add volume in the office. I prefer the non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) fillers because they seem to give the best balance of the longest duration with the least chance of problems. And they can be reversed by dissolving them in the office with hyaluronidase, an enzyme, if they do have a rare problem. I also prefer “slow and steady” with correction. The best results are slightly underdone-tnis still looks natural but slightly overdone looks funny from across the room. This patient is shown after a series of 3 injections done at 2 week intervals. A total of 5 cc of “Restylane Lift” (formerly called Perlane) was used. The plan now will be to wait 6months or so and then add a little more as needed to maintain his results.