Multiple treatments for most difficult scars

*Treatment results may vary

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This lady had multiple treatments for her acne scars. The process took over 8 months and consisted of -
Co2 fractional lasers and erbium - result was OK, but I was not happy.
I then swapped to INFINI RF- results much better. 2 treatments 3.0 mm level 20, 500 ms pulse duration, then 1.5 mm same levels and durations.
Finally went to subcision and focal filing with Juvederm Volbella. Plus volume displacement to enhance the cheekbones with Juvederm Volift. This made the biggest difference as fillers not on treat atrophic acne scars, but displace skin to add volume. My next step is to Picosure FOCUS to help decrease her Melasma and also stimulate more collagen.