45-54 year old woman treated with Breast Reconstruction

*Treatment results may vary

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This lovely 53 year old woman is seen about 6 months after immediate reconstruction with implants - performed after her diagnosis of breast cancer was made. Her first surgery involved correction of the breast ptosis with a modified (delayed) mastopexy. She then had formal skin and nipple/areolar sparing mastectomies with the placement of anatomical expanders which were later exchanged for 500cc permanent silicone gel implants. Subsequent outpatient procedures involved placing 400cc of living fat grafts to each breast to provide further contour, which allowed subtle irregularities from the mastectomy to be improved! She maintained her desired D cup breast and actually has a more attractive result than her original appearance! Reconstruction of the nipple and areola was not necessary since her original nipple-areolar complex was preserved during the original surgery. Excellent symmetry is observed and no implant problems are seen.