40 yo had Labiaplasty of Labia Majora/Minora and Clitoral Hood Reduction w/Pexy (View 4 of 4)

*Treatment results may vary

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40 yo mother of two found the name of Urogynecologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Oscar Aguirre through an internet search for Labiaplasty. She has an eight year history of undesired aesthetic appearance of her vulva. She states that after her second vaginal delivery she had significant vulvar swelling and subsequently has been bothered by her large labia majora that is visible when wearing form-fitting clothing and during yoga. Over the years she has also noticed decreased sensation with sex, although she does describe her sex life with her husband as being “excellent.” After discussing treatment options with Dr. Aguirre, she proceeded with in-office aesthetic surgery consisting of Labiaplasty of Labia Majora and Labia Minora as well as Clitoral Hood Reduction with Pexy Lift.