55-64 year old man treated with Sclerotherapy

*Treatment results may vary

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The patient was treated was treated with Foam Sclerotherapy for Varicose Veins. The procedure was performed by Dana de Boer who is a Registered Phlebologist Nurse Practitioner here. The after photos you see were taken 9 months after initial treatment. In the “after” photo of the front of the leg you can still see a minor stain that remains from the treatment. Over 80% of patients will have no trace of staining after Foam Sclerootherapy at the one-year-post-treatment mark. In fact, we have had patients who two weeks after treatment have no staining what so ever. Whether or not staining occurs really depends on a few factors. One factor being skin pigment, another factor of staining is the proper and diligent use of stockings after the Foam Sclerotherapy Treatment. Last but not least proper follow through of the given post care instructions is another way to avoid staining.