18-24 year old woman treated with Nipple Surgery

*Treatment results may vary

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An eighteen year old came have a consult regarding inverted nipples. She claimed that both nipples are so inverted (retracted) that even stimulation and cold shower will not make them much better. On clinical presentation she demonstrated most severe form of inverted nipples. Due to a short, poorly developed milk ducts that connect milk producing breast gland with a nipple, nipple is pulled into areola. Women with this deformity have serious difficulty when breast feeding and they usually have to abort breast feeding due to a breast infection. We discussed correction of inverted nipples using local tissue in form of flaps to fill the nipple after short and scarred milk ducts are cut free from the breast gland. In local anesthesia in office surgery setting we performed correction of inverted nipples. Local tissue from surrounding areola was used to create and augment non-existing nipples. Patient is shown before corrective nipple surgery on first two images. Small skin flaps that are used for nipple reconstruction are outlined with marker. Next image demonstrates new nipple 3 months after reconstruction.