55 year-old woman underwent Restylane injections to blend away eyebags and give a virtual cheeklift.

*Treatment results may vary

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55 year-old woman underwent Restylane injections to blend her eyebags to her upper cheeks. Filling the tear troughs and orbital rim hollowing is the upper half of a liquid facelift. Note that this creates a cheek lifted appearance with a high cheek bone appearance. In the after photo, the lower eyelid appears to be very short, and the upper border of the cheek starts higher. When comparing to the before photos. The upper half of the eyebag becomes the upper border of the cheek, and the tear trough groove and outer rim of the eye socket (orbital rim) hollowing is filled in. This patient used a total of 1.5 cc's of Restylane, injected with a microcannula in a microsculpting technique to feather out the edges of the filler to blend the upper cheek to the lower eyelid bag as seamlessly as possible. One common complaint of lower eyelid blepharoplasty is that the eyebag fat is reduced, but the wrinkles get worse. Often times, skin removal and/or laser or chemical peel skin resurfacing is used to try to tighten the skin. However, the skin tightening seems to be difficult to match with the amount of fat which ends up being removed by the surgeon. This mismatch of lower eyelid volume to the amount of skin remaining results in "more wrinkles." A follow up visit at her 15 month follow up is available to view. At the 15 month session she had a touch up to fill her left side and a touch on her right outer rim. The after photos are of her immediately after the procedure, to see how using the microcannula can help minimize bruising.