49 year old female before and one year after having a quality upper eyelid correction.

*Treatment results may vary

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This result demonstrates the difference that a quality correction makes to the upper lids and the importance this has to a persons look. 
This detail is not widely appreciated and yet this different quality makes a major improvement of not only the lids, but also to the facial appearance overall, with a look of freshness and alertness as well as attractiveness.

There are  3 components to this persons surgery that are beyond the standard blepharoplasty technique.
1.  The key is the use of a more advanced technique, called tarsal fixation upper lid blepharoplasty. This technique specifically defines the lid crease, which is not well done in standard techniques. As a result the lid crease remains permanent over time and so the lid correction is  essentially permanent. This results in smooth skin in the lid segment above the lashes and controlled shape of the lid fold, which is the basis for attractiveness of the lids. Furthermore, less lid skin is removed, which avoids the possibility of dry eyes and  the scar is undetectable, even with the eyes closed.

2. Fat injections( lipofil) have been added to the lid fold, just below the brows to maintain youthful volume.

3. The bone around the eyes has been subtly improved. The shape of the bone structure around the eyes is important for attractive aesthetics of the ‘eye’. This  augmention of the outer part of the bony orbital rim is beneficial for many people, as seen here. The enlargement is performed by placing coral granules (called hydroxyapatite) directly on the bone to mould into the desired shape.
Not only does this produce a more naturally attractive look, the result obtained with this high quality technique is permanent.