41 year old female for breast lift and fat grafting augmentation

*Treatment results may vary

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This 41 year old patient desired breat enlargement but did not want to use an implant. She is seen just four weeks after breast enhancement with living fat grafts and a peri-areolar lift!!! The patient's own fat was harvested in a way that maximizes its survival to then be placed within the tissue surrounding the breast - There is NO IMPLANT that will ever have to be removed! With a procedure called autologous fat grafting, millions of individual fat parcels are allowed to acquire a new blood supply which then allows it to survive - when this occurs, the fat remains and then has the potential to last a lifetime!!! 300cc of purifed fat were placed into each breast which was harvested from areas that the patient also wanted liposuction from. A total of 1600cc of fat was removed from donor sites (liposuction) which included the hips, thighs and abdomen. She went from a C cup to her desired D cup and there is no implant, it will never have to be removed. In addition, unlike an implant which can move and cause implant deformities, fat can be place anywhere to fill in areas that an implant can never reach to create a contour that matches the breast beautifully. Except for the scar around the areola (which was necessary to achieve the lift), there are only small, minute scars under the breast which were used to place the fat grafts!