41 year-old woman undergoes bilateral implant removal, left breast lift, and right breast fat grating for old implants

*Treatment results may vary

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This 41 year-old woman developed severe capsules of the right breast requiring several operations for capsule release and implant exchange. In the years following these procedures, the patient expressed a desire to simply remove the implants and perform whatever procedures would create symmetry without reinserting implants. By evaluating the patient, I judged that implant removal would result in a smaller right breast and a drooping left breast. I therefore elected to proceed with removal of the implants and capsules, left breast lift, and fat grafting of the right breast to improve the size mismatch. The patient's own fat was removed by liposuction, purified, and re-injected in the deficient areas of the right breast. Subsequently, her pain and the firmness of the capsules was gone.