Uneven Nostrils + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Non-surgical Non-invasive Rhinoplasty by Injecting Filler to Even Nostrils

Nostrils are uneven. i don't care about perfection, only want improvement. i don't want open surgery. can doctors insert "something" into the void... READ MORE

Is There Any Non Surgical and Inexpensive Way to Fix my Nostrils? (photo)

As I will be attending college this upcoming fall, I am becoming more and more self-conscious of my uneven nostrils. I was bitten as a toddler... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Nostrils Symmetric Without Surgery, Because I Don't Have That Kind of Money? (photo)

I've had rhinoplasty when I was 16 because it was broken. I couldn't breathe adequately and it also had a bump making it look unattractive. The result... READ MORE

I Have Noticed That One Nostril is Different Than the Other; is It Possible to Correct Without Surgery? (photo)

I've been worried about this for sometime and I also have overlapping front teeth. I'm concerned that it may be affecting my appearance, as one side... READ MORE

Why does my nose look like this?

I'm curious why my nose looks like this. It seems like the bridge of my nose is fairly straight, but then it begins to lean to the left near the tip.... READ MORE

I m having the problem of uneven nostrils. Tell me what is the problem how it could be fixed? (photos)

When i touch the nose from the holes.. I can clearly feel the difference of bones. On 1side its protruding while on other its normal. I m scared of... READ MORE

Is there a nonsurgical, and cheap or free way to fix a crooked nose? (Photo)

As far as I can remember, I was born with a crooked nose. It slants way to the right of my face. Also, my right nostril is a lot smaller than the left... READ MORE

Can I fix my asymmetric nostrils with non-surgical rhinoplasty?

I had a primary rhinoplasty done in August to remove a hump. Although my doctor did a great job and Made me confident about my profile, I noticed that... READ MORE

can you lift up a nostril rim with injections?

Ok, so I'm planing on getting the non surgical rhinoplasty (revision), my right nostril is a big higher than the left and in pictures it makes my nose... READ MORE

Can asymmetrical nostrils be fixed without surgery? (Photo)

I have asymmetrical nostrils, and I want to see if there is anything in can do to improve the appearance. I always dislike my picture due to this... READ MORE

Can uneven nostrils be fixed without rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hello, I have uneven nostrils that make my nose look crooked. The cartilage and bone all feel straight to me just my nostrils are different. One has a... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical way to fix uneven nostrils due to dog bite? (Photo)

I was about 6 or 7 years old when i was bit by a dog in the nose. It resulted in some of my cartilage being bitten off, leading to uneven nostrils. I... READ MORE

What would I need to get done to achieve even nostrils? Would I need a surgical procedure? (Photo)

I'm really self conscience about my nose, as you can see on of my nostrils is a totally different and it effects my lips and when I look at the two... READ MORE

Any suggestions for uneven nostrils?

The problem that I have with my nose is uneven nostrils.My nostrils aren't 'round'.When combined together they look similar to the wings of a... READ MORE

I want a nose job but which route do I take ? (photos)

I hate my nose it's crooked and one side of my profile looks way worse than the other side I have a bumb and un even nostrils. Would surgery be better... READ MORE

I believe I have a deviated septum up at the tip. Do I need surgery for my asymmetrical nose? (photos)

Clearly my nostrils are not the same size. Breathing problems/sleep apnea run in my family so this might be inherited. Aesthetically I would like to... READ MORE

My nostrils are uneven. One side is slighter lower than the other. Can this be fixed with fillers instead of surgery? (Photo)

My nose was smaller and even before but after gaining 50lbs during my pregnancy my nose grew during that time I was also badly retaining water. After... READ MORE

My nostrils are asymmetrical and skewed, is there a way I can fix them non surgically? (photos)

My nostrils as I've gotten older seem to be changing more and more. I have incurable Leukemia and have had to have the left side cauterized and have... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non surgical nose job? (photos)

I'm 4 months post rhinoplasty. Besides swelling, nothing has changed and my nose is starting to go back to how it looked before. There is a dent on... READ MORE

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