Breathing Problems + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Why is my nose crooked? (Photo)

My nose points diagonally to the right side. I've never broken it before, and it hasn't sustained any trauma. It does affect my breathing, when my... READ MORE

Do I have a deviated septum? If yes, how severe is it and is there a way to fix it without surgery? (photos)

I'm 17/f, Asian. sometimes i can only breathe with one nostril and i have to open my mouth in order to sleep. sorry about the acne scars READ MORE

What can fix my breathing problems without surgery?

I always have trouble breathing through my nose because of a deviated septum. I don't really think septoplasty is an option though. I feel like it is... READ MORE

Can a crooked nose be fixed without surgery? Is this normal? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty when i was 14 to reduce the size of my large nose. After the surgery, I noticed that my nose was crooked. I had the surgeon... READ MORE

Is my Nose Broken or Crooked?

Well my my nose was hit by my brothers head last week and it hurted. Afterwards my nose felt weird and it hurts to breathe . I looked today inside my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non surgical nose job? (Photo)

Hi I have a deviated septum and I am going to get surgery to fix my breathing. There is also something else that needs surgery in my nose but I don't... READ MORE

Would I be suitable for a non-surgical nose job? (Photo)

I have a hooked nose and a deviated septum that makes it difficult to breathe, especially during the night. I wanted to know if a non-surgical nose... READ MORE

Can chiropractors fix broken noses?

I have heard of boxers manually fixing broken noses, no surgery required is a manual manipulation to fix shape or breathing problems POSSIBLE? be honest. READ MORE

Can I do anything to re-correct my nose that isn't surgery? (photo)

I am very unhappy with my nose I had septoplasty 5 years ago to correct a deviated septum, but i have noticed my breathing in one nostril is worse and... READ MORE

I ran into someone's shoulder while playing soccer and my nose is now crooked. Can this be fixed without surgery?

This happened over 3 and a half years ago. and i also find it more difficult to breathe in now. READ MORE

Is there any way to fix breathing problems without surgery?

I suffer from nasal valve collapse:( i am constantly sniffing/picking my nose to breathe, what should i do? READ MORE

What's wrong with my nose? Do I qualify for non- surgery? Would it repair both functionality & asymmetrical appearance? (photo)

Physical & mental symptoms: loud snoring, sleep waking, heavy mouth breathing, shortness of breath, stuffy/runny nose, sneezing, sinus... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct center bone bend of nose without surgery?

Centre bone of my nose bend towards right side. It's difficult to breathe from right side and my right ear also having pain and ringing continue.... READ MORE

Pushing down on the bridge of my nose, will this make it bigger?

I HATE the bridge of my nose so much. I can't afford surgery at the moment so please don't recommend that. I've been doing nose exercises for 4 years... READ MORE

Does the cartilage in your nose move back after an injury (since its flexible)?

Obviously if you whack and break a is needed. But I I HATED the bump on my nose, so I pressed on it, deforming my cartilage and septum.... READ MORE

I HATED the hump on the bridge of my nose. Can you change the shape of your nose without surgery?

I HATED the hump on the bridge of my nose. I would spend hours each day trying to flatten it by pressing on my fingers. I 100% regret pressing on it,... READ MORE

Any suggestions for nose cartilage?

Hi there I am having bit problem in breathing from right nasal. One of my friends is homeopathic doc when he checked he found cartilage is bit grown.... READ MORE

Could I fix my crooked nose? Preferably without surgery? (photos)

As my body has developed my nose has gotten more and more crooked– most noticeably the past 5 or 6 years. Not only is it annoying to look at, but it a... READ MORE

20-month post rhinoplasty possible, nasal valve collapse? (Photos)

Hi! I have difficulty breathing out my right nostril v difficult to exercise. My surgeon is an ent and rhino specialist and told me it was allergies... READ MORE

Does getting a nonsurgical rhinoplasty have consequences for permanent rhinoplasty?

Does getting nonsurgical rhinoplasty affect the potential outcome for patients if they take the plunge/ get a permanent rhinoplasty or revision... READ MORE

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