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Post Op Necklift - Concerned About the Results, Are The Lumps and Ridges Normal 2 Weeks Out?

I am a middle age white male in good health. I am 2 weeks post op from a neck lift and I had the normal bruising and swelling in my neck which... READ MORE

Skin Ridge After Neck Lift? (photo)

I have a "skin ridge" that developed 24 hours after my lower face lift. The surgeon states my skin "fell over onto itself and stuck together" The... READ MORE

Why Do I Have a Rope Like Scar on Neck Where Drains Were After Neck Lift? Also Neck is Very Tight and I Cannot Look Up.

The Jackson Pratt drains were in for a week and where the tubes were is now a ridge around the front of my neck. There is a little fluid but mostly it... READ MORE

Does this look normal? I have lumps, bumps and ridges 30 days post neck lift (Photo)

Does this look normal after 30 days. I know there is lumpiness and swelling that can last months but just would like opinions on my case. I am 30 days... READ MORE

8 weeks post Revision necklift - long bad scar. (photos)

I had a revision necklift. Even though I had paid for a corset platysmaplasty the first time the doctor didn't do it during my facelift necklift (He... READ MORE

Platysmaplasty and lower lift -Swelling, ridges, bumps, bruising, scar very visible- 3 weeks post op. Any suggestions?

I still have visible bruising near the eyes and in the lower cheeks (in front of ridges). There are noticeable bumps near my eyes and ridges on the... READ MORE

Neck lift swelling. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a neck lift 3 weeks ago and I am very concerns about the swelling on the right side of my face. It has not gone down much and I'm getting scared... READ MORE

What do you think about this wound on neck after neck lift? (photo)

I have a ridge on my neck...I belive it was from the drain...hoping it will resolve itself over time but i am concerned with a wound above the ridge... READ MORE

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