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Neck Lift Without Cutting Near the Ear?

Is there any way to avoid cuting in or around the ear to do a Neck lift? READ MORE

Four Months Post-op Necklift Surgery is It Possible Feeling Will Return to my Right Ear and Skin in Front of my Ears?

Approximately 80% of the feeling in my left ear had returned by 8 weeks post-op with no improvement since then for my left ear. But my right ear is... READ MORE

How long should I wear chin strap after neck lift?

Is there an advantage to wearing the chin strap for 4-6 weeks after neck lift surgery? I'm 17 days post-op and have been advised to wear this chin... READ MORE

I have a rope like scar on back of ear after neck lift. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 12 days post-op after neck lift. Behind my one ear is not bad, but the other one has ropelike scars that I can't see going away on their own.... READ MORE

How Can My Ear Be Fixed?

The picture above was taken at 6 weeks post op. At 18 weeks post op the doctor tried to make this side more presentable by moving the skin, I believe... READ MORE

Neck lift performed with incisions behind the ears only. Please analyze results. (photos)

Results can be seen in photograph. Not result I expected. Crepe like looseness reduced but not entirely eliminated and a "dimple" under the jaw seems... READ MORE

Platysmoplasty without ear incisions (chin only) how does skin resolve? (photos)

If I only have the platsymoplasty under the chin without ear incisions, chin only ... how does the skin resolve? How can I be sure that the laxity is... READ MORE

In a Neck Lift, can you help me understand how skin is lifted & removed using incisions under the chin and behind the ear only?

I am trying to visualise how skin is tightened/removed without using incisions in front of the ear. If a submental incision and post-auricular... READ MORE

Had neck lift performed and concerned with under ear scarring. (Photo)

I had a neck lift 5 months prior to these pictures. The PS did not remove much fat via lipo, so the results are modest but ok. The problem is it... READ MORE

Puckered skin in front of ears after neck lift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a neck lift four weeks ago and still have a lot of puckering in front of my ears. Is this normal? Will it eventually flatten out? READ MORE

Do the stitch marks around the ear become unnoticeable in time?

I'm debating between a neck lift w/ incision behind the ear and complete lower face lift with incision in front and behind the ear. My only concern... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Neck lift scars?

For those of us that don't need a lower face lift , as of yet, just a neck lift..... are scars still around the ears or can incisions be made just... READ MORE

Earache and neck pain year and a half after posterior platysmaplasty and neck lipo.

I have aching pain around back of ears, often sharp, pronounced morning and evening, also daylong pain on sides of neck where platysma attached to... READ MORE

Post op Neck Lift. Have no pain don't feel ill, just tightness. Any suggestions? (photos)

Thank you for answering. My surgeon has got pics daily over phone he says he feels it's a sweeping of fluid between tissue n skin n to compress for... READ MORE

Neck pain after neck lift. Any suggestions ?

I had a full neck lift including my bands tied 7 days ago and am in pain, I have a constant pain under my chin and right ear. The surgeon has said... READ MORE

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