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Many male-to-female (MTF) patients see some sort of breast development from long-term hormone replacement therapy. Those who desire larger breasts than what HRT can produce may choose to undergo breast augmentation. This procedure uses saline or silicone implants to enhance the size and shape of the chest.
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Hi I'm sey and im 26 yrs old. Transgender woman and married. I stand 5"8 and 160 lbs. Just wanna share my journey with u guys. Surgery is july 13, 2016 with my doctor in ORLANDO, FL. His name is DR. JAN V. KARLIN of Nova Cosmetics Center. $5800 and 500cc moderate profile. I am nervous but JESUS... READ MORE

Something I've dreamed about for decades but finally had the determination and means to go throuh with it. Nothing extreme - 255cc per side making me about a 40C sub glandular did not want to damage the pectoral muscle . Do not take hormones and will not have GRS. Have not needed pain meds so... READ MORE

I am a transgender woman, currently pre-op. I have been on HRT for four+ years and I have achieved a meager 36A breasts. I say meager as depending on the bra I almost fill it out completely. LoL I mostly wear push up bras or bras with lots of padding which is usually very hot as I work outside... READ MORE

So after way too many years telling myself I couldn't, I took the leap of faith a year ago and began my transition. I knew going into this that at my age, I wouldn't see much breast development from HRT alone and that I'd be looking at a BA. I've considered various levels of FFS but at this... READ MORE

Hi all,"I had my BA-FINALLY ! Took long enough. However I received 520 cc L/R... I am 2 days PO... got my bandages removed today. It was a sucess and no pain whatsoever. And the little bit of pain I had I can tell that it was because the tape was wrapped so tight, but once removed I can feel the... READ MORE

I am a transgender woman I've been on hormones for 8 years I'm so excited to finally have earned an saved the money for this procedure I am so excited I have to say again I will be getting 550cc transaxillary submuscular saline implants 5 days away, my boyfriend of 5 years is as excited as I am... READ MORE

Some weeks ago I had a Breast Augmentation with Dr. Maarteen Doornaert in the 2Pass Clinic in Antwerp. Before the surgery I met Dr. Doornaert for a consultation and we discussed all the possibilities I will have. I had a lot of questions and he took all the time needed to answer them. Also after... READ MORE

I'm in gender transformation phase, and decided to start with the placement of silicone breasts and then some procedure on his face as feminization . I plan already some time the breast augmentation with prosthesis, and found a good doctor to mtf breast augmentation , planned to size between 550... READ MORE

I am a 56 year old Transsexual female. About 2 months ago I went to Dr. Vincent Lepore's office to talk with him about having a breast augmentation. I have 2 girlfriends (biological women) who have had breast augmentations performed by Dr. Lepore and the results were beautiful in both cases. So,... READ MORE

I've been reading reviews for about a year from this site now and have finally decided to make things happen. Had a consult for breast augmentation on May 10th and paid in full that same day. I'm having my surgery on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:00 pm. I contacted a friend of mine, Sarina... READ MORE

As a transgender woman, my lifelong dream has been to have large enough breasts that I could wear blouses and dresses and swimwear without a ton of fake stuffing in my bras. After nearly 2 years on hormones I had pretty much maxed out at an Almost-"A" cup bra, but it wasn't enough for my... READ MORE

As of 16 Nov 2015 I'm 10 days pre-op for my procedure. I have my final consult with Dr M today. I'm going from a 14B to a 14D with a CPG version 322, cohesive iii Medium Height, Moderate Plus Projection. We are expecting a 375cc or 420cc implant will do the trick. I don't really want to go as... READ MORE

I am a 52 yo transgendered woman living full time since a while ago. I have tried all (cremes, pills, pumps, etc) and after several years of HRT I have not got the size I wanted, just an A cup. So I decided to do my BA. After too much research about this procedure I can say that in overall... READ MORE

Its all in the title really. may get implants or not, just waiting to see more of what the HRT does, before making a decision. And depending on cost and other such things, well see when the time comes. Not really a fan of fake/augmented breasts but i do want a decent amount of er.....chestage..... READ MORE

As a transgender M2F, I have always wanted breast, and also felt them necessary to help with my confidence level. I started HRT at 18 yrs old and resulted with very minimal progress. Along with being in college with ADHD taking adderall, every bit of breast tissue i grew, I lost due to my... READ MORE

Dr Lista is an amazing surgeon. I had breast implants and have no complaints . His staff was wonderful kind & curteous his clinic was clean and top of the line. I've referred 2 Ts friends both ended up having breast implants as well and both are very happy. I would recommend him to anyone he is... READ MORE

I am a transgender woman who recently underwent breast augmentation at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital with Dr Kamol Pansritum in Bangkok Thailand. 500cc Cohesive Gel Implants were placed under muscle with an incision under the arm. While I experienced a bit of pain during the first 7 days of recovery,... READ MORE

First off let me say Dr. Sinclair has the right hands to make any breast look extremely beautiful! Considering I didn't have much breast tissue before the procedure because I wasn't born a generic woman. Sinclair had fully answered all my worries question and made sure I was confident before I... READ MORE

I've been taking natural breast enhancement supplements for about 7-8 months along with the serum and the creams. Timing now, I'm not ready. I'm trying to figure out where I'm getting them done. I've been talking to a friend in the Philippines and doing some research about the area and doctors.... READ MORE

I am a Transgender woman and I am interested in getting possible Breast Augmentation. I have been on HRT for nearly 3 years and have had moderate development with a small B. Ideally I want to be a C or D. However I am a bit overweight although on a Paleo diet. What I would like to have better... READ MORE

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