White Spots + Mole Removal

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Should I Go Get This Mole Checked Out? (photo)

This mole (picture attached) just appeared yesterday on my arm. It was crusty, and it doesn't look like any of my other moles. It has a white spot in... READ MORE

I had a non-cancerous mole removed from my eyelid/waterline 1.5 yrs ago. It grew back with a white spot. What should I do?

I have mole in the lower eyelid on the waterline, it was removed 1.5 years ago in 2012, I did biopsy before and after the surgery, it shows no... READ MORE

Brown Spots and 1 White Spot (White Spot Surrounded by Dark Brown Skin) After Laser Mole Remval?

I had 2 laser mole removal sessions. It was almost normal when scabs fall out. But after 15-20 days, I found brown spots and 1 white spot ( white spot... READ MORE

How to get ride of white spot after mole removal? (photos)

I have my mole removed about 10 years ago, i think there was a white spot on the removed mole area but it was not very obvious. However, I recently... READ MORE

Mole removed and now wound has developed a white spot on the scar. (Photo)

I had two moles removed on my right breast 3 weeks ago. The scars had scabbed and were just a little red so after 2 weeks I had my stitches out and... READ MORE

Red-white spot around removed mole (Photos)

Hello, I had two moles removed one week and a half ago. I received a call about one of them and was told that it was removed incompletely. Here are... READ MORE

Will pigmentation return after mole removal?

I had a mole removed from my face, right next to my nose. It was a shave excision. At first, it was purplish/blue, but now it's just a white spot. I'm... READ MORE

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