Upper Lip + Mole Removal

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Removal of facial moles, dermatologist vs plastic surgeon and costs to expect? (photo)

I was referred to a plastic surgeon by a dermatologist to remove 2 facial moles. The derm charged $100 for the office visit. I called local plastic... READ MORE

Mole On Upper Lip- Is Shaving The Best Option For Removal To Keep Lip Shape?

I am considering removing two moles on my upper lip because they can be irritating when I shave. I have been told by a friend that shaving would be... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Remove Part of the Mole? Or Make It Smaller?

I have a black mole on my upper lips and I noticed that it became bigger with years. I like it but I dont like the size of it. Is there any way to... READ MORE

is it normal to still be swollen after getting a mole shaved off?

I went in three days ago to remove a mole located above my upper lip and still have allot of swelling left. It is not bothering and doesn't look like... READ MORE

I have a mole on my upper lip line. Can it be removed with minimal scarring? (Photo)

I hate this mole, it become more noticeable and it really bothers me. Anyway I want to get it removed and I'm going to the dermatologist this week,... READ MORE

What Can Be Done on Mole-like Spot on Upper Lip?

What should I do about a thing on my upper lip that looks like a mole? It appeared around the end of 2005, and seems to be growing very slowly. I did... READ MORE

Laser Mole Removal for Mole Between Upper Lip and Nose?

I wrote about my 13 year old daughter getting her mole removed between her lip and nose. The surgeon decided not to go ahead with the removal. They... READ MORE

Will Mole Removal Near Lip Cause It to Pucker and Scar?

My daughter is 13 year old daughter is going to have a mole removed tomorrow, it is between her nose and lip and the size of a pencil eraser. will it... READ MORE

Upper Lip Raised Mole Removal. Mohs, Laser, Scalpel? (photo)

Hi, I have a mole on my upper lip (see picture) that I want removed more than anything. It's about 5mm wide and 2.5mm tall. I want to know what would... READ MORE

I just had a mole removed on my upper lip. Is there anything I can use during the healing process?

Hi my name is ginger. And I just had a mole removed on my upper lip he did a shave biopsy and told me just to use Vaseline but since I scar so... READ MORE

How to Lighten Remaining Skin Pigment After Mole Removal (Shave Method -- Due to Location Cutting in is Not an Option)? (photo)

I had a mole on my left upper lip shave removed about 7 years ago. For the first few years it was very light and almost blended into my skin. Recently... READ MORE

How Bad the Scar Would Be if This Mole Was Removed? (photo)

I tried to remove it at home before. A part of the mole is gone, but it leave a little raised scare and a little mole still. I'm wondering how bad the... READ MORE

How much does it cost to remove a beauty mark? (Photo)

I have a small dark brown beauty mark on my upper lip.I have had it almost my whole life and I'm not sure if it is cancerous or not.It has never... READ MORE

I had a mole on my upper lip removed 3 weeks ago by shave excision. There is now a red scar with a bump on it. Is this normal?

This was the second time I've had this mole removed as it grew back and there was an area that was more raised, so I'm wondering is that why there is... READ MORE

After Care of Mole Removal Above Lip?

I had a mole removed above my lip today. The physician only said to use Vaseline and keep covered with a bandage. Is there anything else I can do to... READ MORE

Mole removal on upper lip (Photo)

Hi :) I have decided to remove a mole I have on my upper lip. The mole is dark, protruding and not so big. What kind of removal is best in my case? I... READ MORE

Removing a Small/flat Like Mole That Appeared Directly on my Lip? (photo)

I have a very small round/flat mole that appear directly on my upper lip a couple nights ago. I wanted to get it removed. What would be the best... READ MORE

Marilyn Monroe Mole

I have a mole located above my lip; commonly called a Marilyn Monroe mole. What type of mole is this? It is very dark in pigmentation. I have been to... READ MORE

Mole Removal? (photo)

Hi I have a mole on my upper lip and just wonted to know can it be removed or will it look worst and could I get it done on the NHS if not how much... READ MORE

Hi doc, can you tell me what to do now? Should stop using Acv , has the mole gone or have I removed only a part of it? (photos)

I read about Apple Cider Vinegar and everybody's experiences so I thought of doing this on a mole dark brown in colour over my upper lip which I had... READ MORE

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