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How Long Should Facial Stitches Be Left In?

I just had a mole excised by a plastic surgeon today, and the nurse scheduled the appointment for the stitches to be removed in 12 days. Is 12 days... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Remove Stitches?

I removed a mole on my chin last Friday. When can I remove the stitches? I also removed 2 other moles on my body. One on my back and another on the... READ MORE

Mole Removal w/ Stitches - Scarring?

I have a mole on my right lower cheek about the diameter of a pencil eraser. It's raised a bit but not a lot. I am getting it removed by a plastic... READ MORE

My Dissolvable Stitches Are Coming Apart, but I Only Had the Procedure Done 4 Days Ago. Normal? (photo)

I had three moles removed 4 days ago, I was told the stitches would not dissolve for 10 to 14 days. It is only four days since the procedure, and the... READ MORE

Pain After Mole Excision, Is This Normal?

I had a moderately atypical mole removed yesterday and got internal sutures and 5 on the surface. The incision is so painful! But no signs of... READ MORE

1 month post op of Mole Removal, my mole grew back after excision and stitches. What treatment do I need? (photo)

I had a mole on my back removed about a month ago. It was "abnormally big and discoloured" hence the reason it was to be removed, just in case. It was... READ MORE

My Husband Had Moles Removed and the Severe on Shows Lesion Close to a Letral Inked Edge

He had 4 shave biopsy's of moles, 2 came back mild, 1 moderate and 1 severe. Had severe one removed thursday - diagnois on original biopsy states... READ MORE

I was wondering: once I get the stitches out, can I start running and working out soon?

I had a mole removed and they also put stitches in, I'm getting the stitches out in two weeks. The mole was above my butt and on my waist line.The... READ MORE

Scab 4 weeks after stitches removed.

I had a mole excision mid November with five stitches (two deep dissolving). Stitches were removed ten days later and since end of November I have... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment to Minimize Scarring After Getting Mole Removed with Stiches?

Hello! Im thinking on getting my mole removed and it's about 1 cm in diameter. I already went to see a dermetologist but he only resurfaced it last... READ MORE

I Am Afraid a Stitch Was Left in my Daughters Face from a Mole Removal. There is Now a Painful Lump. How To Tell?

My daughter had a mole removed from the side of her face and now there is a large raised (and she says painful) lump. Could that be a stitch left? READ MORE

Mole that has split skin now have hole or crater. What to do? (photos)

Mole that has split skin now have hole or crater, never did anything, must of split during sleep. It scabs up with dried blood and doesn't seem to be... READ MORE

Can the Bulging Skin Near the Incision on Face After Mole Removal Become Flat? (photo)

I had protuding mole removed on my face about 10 days ago. One is removed via shave excision. Another one is near my nasolabial fold,removed via... READ MORE

How long after having a surgical mole removal on my face can I wear makeup?

I had 5 moles surgically removed from my face 6 days ago. I have had the stitches removed and have followed my surgeons aftercare instructions. How... READ MORE

Can you please review pictures below and tell me if the scar is anything to worry about? (Photo)

Around 5 months ago I had a mole removed from my breast, I noticed since then the scar has turned into a raised lump and you can see the little marks... READ MORE

Have my stitches come undone?

I had a mole removed from the wall of just in side my vagina hole 6 days ago, I was given dissolvable stitches and was fine for the first 5 days with... READ MORE

I had a mole removed from my buttock, and the area looks red and ugly. What can I do? (Photo)

I recently had a mole remove from my left buttocks , I was born with it and never had a problem before it was big and flat I went to see my new... READ MORE

Mole Removal for Vertical Mole

I have a mole on my facial cheek, it is slightly raised and is about the size of a pencil eraser, it has tiny hairs, if I rub my finger over it it is... READ MORE

Not sure if my mole is healed? (photo)

Hi, so I got my mole removed last Friday and was told to keep the stitches on for 7 days and came back the Friday after to get my stitches removed,... READ MORE

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