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Some Pigment Left Behind After Mole Biopsy

I had a mole biopsied 4 years ago. The results came back that it was benign. It was a sort of shave biopsy on a flat mole and there is a little bit of... READ MORE

Dark Pigmentation Remaining After Mole Removal, WIll It Lighten?

I've had a mole removed only two days ago, and aside from parts of it that are slightly scabby there is dark pigmentation left over in the shape... READ MORE

I removed a mole using apple cider vinegar, but I still have some pigment left from the mole. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

How do I remove all of the pigmentation from underneath the skin so it looks like I never had a mole there before? READ MORE

Is there a best way to remove this (small, flesh-colored, raised) mole from my nose? (photos)

About fifteen years ago, I noticed a subtle, flesh-colored, raised bump on on the front of my right nostril. The bump has since grown to about twice... READ MORE

Repigmentation Occurring Six Months After a Dysplastic Nevus (With Severe Changes) Removed?

Today, at my follow up, my dermatologist re-excised the pigmentation that returned in the center of the scar left from the first excision. My first... READ MORE

I am getting a raised mole removed with a radio frequency device. How likely is it to grow back or for the pigment to reappear?

In a week I am getting a pigmented raised facial mole removed with a radiofrequency device. I would just like to know how likely it is to grow back or... READ MORE

Mole Was Removed but Scar Now Has Streaking Pigment?

I had a mole removed this past February. Melanoma runs in my family. It was a shave biopsy and the results came back as not benign. Recent I had a... READ MORE

How Long After First Mole Excision Should I Wait Before Having Second Surgery?

Its been abt 6 months since 1st serial excision of pigmented mole.Is it advisable to undergo the second serial excision now looking at the raised... READ MORE

Hair isn't growing after mole removal on my head and there's pigmentation. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi i removed a mole using vinegar on the side of my head. It peeked off, but now their are dark pigments and their is now hair growining in the area... READ MORE

Will Shaving the Mole Be Effective?

I have a raised, pigmented mole on my chin (that also grows hair). It isn't very big, probably about the size of medium-large pimple. I am planning to... READ MORE

Having Cryosurgery After a Shave Mole Removal?

I had a tiny raised mole removed 2 months ago by a shave biopsy removal (benign) and it's still reddish/brownish. Although it's not portruding... READ MORE

Red indentation and pigmentation after mole removal methods. Do I have any options? (Photo)

I had a mole excision done by way of punch and in time pigmentation returned and a bumps along the scar line. A laser was used to get rid of what came... READ MORE

Dark Pigmentation After Mole Removal? (photo)

Two months ago, I had a surgery for the removal of two moles, with stitches. I also had Steristrips covering the wounds. There is still some redness... READ MORE

Mole Removal by Shave Excision, Some Pigmentation in the Scar After 3 Month?

I had 6 moles to be shaved. Unfortunatly 4 of them got quite an ugly pigmentation in the scar. (After 2-3 month). It doesnt look very nice, also some... READ MORE

Pigmentation Returning After Deep Shave Was Done on Cheek?

I had a deep shave removal done on cheek 2.5 years ago (.5cm x .5cm) which left a depressed scar. Biopsy came back as a Junctional Nevus with marked... READ MORE

Repigmented Itchy Mole?

I am a middle aged male, dark hair, medium complexion. I had a shave biopsy a year and a half ago on a lesion back of my leg, came back as mild... READ MORE

Dark Pigmentation After Punch Biopsy. Normal?

I got my mole removed almost two weeks ago. My concern is this dark/brownish pigmentation around the wound. My dermatologist have told me that the... READ MORE

I have a mole on my stomach that has seemed to change due to pregnancy. Should I be concerned? (photo)

I have a mole on my stomach that has seemed to change due to pregnancy. It got a little bigger and darker and feels partly raised. Also part of the... READ MORE

Three months ago I had a mole biopsied, it came back atypical. The area has repigmented, and I'm nervous. (photos)

Can you tell me from these pictures if this should be something I should be concerned about? The top pic is the original mole. The bottom is the... READ MORE

A mole on my foot rubbed off when I scratched it. It left a pigment that disappeared after a few days. Could this be a melanoma?

A few months later i noticed a 1 cm brown patch in my foot with regular borders, one colour but with a shape like an ovni. Totally flat. I touched... READ MORE

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