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Normal Healing After Punch Biopsy?

I had a benign mole removed by punch biopsy from the sole of my foot three weeks ago, just below my 2nd and 3rd toes. The wound seems to have mostly... READ MORE

I Am Afraid a Stitch Was Left in my Daughters Face from a Mole Removal. There is Now a Painful Lump. How To Tell?

My daughter had a mole removed from the side of her face and now there is a large raised (and she says painful) lump. Could that be a stitch left? READ MORE

What is this? A mole? (photos)

I've got a lump, looks like a mole on my bum. Never really realized it was there until one day so I don't know if it suddenly grew or not, it's brown... READ MORE

I Have Had Two Moles Removed by Circular Incision on Face, Help I Don't Like the Result?

My PS told me this was done on purpose to help ensure short scars, however now I have four whitish hard lumps on either side of where the moles were.... READ MORE

Can you please review pictures below and tell me if the scar is anything to worry about? (Photo)

Around 5 months ago I had a mole removed from my breast, I noticed since then the scar has turned into a raised lump and you can see the little marks... READ MORE

What is the fleshy lump at end of my scar? (photo)

I had two moles removed 14 days ago and have noticed a fleshy lump at top of my lower scar. It's not sore or red but is noticeable. Is this related to... READ MORE

Lumps on incision scar on each end, one year after surgery

I had a precancerous mole excised by a plastic surgeon. I am about at the year mark and I have a dog ear on one end a white lump on the other end.... READ MORE

I Am Worried and Waiting for a Biopsy on Lump on my Ear? (photo)

31 yrs, female, dark hair, lots of moles, skin rarely tans/often burns. Suffered sunburn in younger years and used sunbeds (reggretably) Waiting for... READ MORE

Scar revision after mole excision for lumps on ends, concave in middle. Worried of effects scar tissue has from prior surgery.

Had mole removed by incision. I am left with a dog ear on top and big lump on bottom. Between is a concave with a hole in the concave from a drained... READ MORE

History of Infiltrative BCC, but Deem Won't Biopsy New Lump?

I had a BCC taken off my ear in October, results showed it was an aggressive 'intfiltrative' type. It was a waxy pearly lump with multiple thread... READ MORE

Is this lump near stitch site normal or should I get a second opinion? (Photo)

Hi - I had a mole removed from my jawline 3 weeks & 2 days ago. At the end of my scar (I believe after it ends) I have a soft bulge at jowl. My PS... READ MORE

What can I do? Any home remedies or treatments creams I can use? Do I have to get the little lump removed? (Photo)

About 6 months ago I got my mole removed everything healed well left a scab fell off my skin looked nice and flat but then it looked as if my mole was... READ MORE

Side of nose mole removal-lump almost two months later. Is this just scar tissue?

I had a mole removed from the side crevasse of my nose end of December with stitches ( dissolving and regular) by plastic surgeon. Now mid Feb. I have... READ MORE

I was born w/ a mole on my head. In the past year I've noticed it has changed color & size also found two lumps. Any suggestion?

I measured the lump at appr. 7 milimeters and it is really bumpy and darker now also the first lump i found behind my ear appr. 6 months ago its not... READ MORE

What is the lump under the skin 6 months after mole removal?

I had a mole removed 6months ago behind ear lobe on my neck. Minimal scaring, never bothered me until about 3 weeks ago I noticed a bump, looked like... READ MORE

Ive had a facial mole removed a benign but raised over skin procedure was taken place with a scalpel. I've had stitches. (photo)

Will the lump ever go, as the mole was raised over skin before is that area not going to be flat after mole removal? READ MORE

What is this red lump on my head? My mum said it was a mole. (Photo)

Hello, I have something on my head. My mum and brother says it was a pimple, but my mum is now unsure. She said it was a mole as I always had one... READ MORE

I have what I have been told is a mole on the top of my foot. But don't know exactly what it is! Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had a dark brown lump on my foot ever since I can remember. I've asked doctors and have been told that it is a mole. But that just doesn't look... READ MORE

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