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Recommended Post-op Care After Mole Removal?

I had a mole shaved on my face about a week ago. I have since been using hydrogen peroxide + neosporin + band aid on it but it hasn't yet formed a... READ MORE

What Are The Best Aftercare Practices Post Mole Removal?

I have just had quite a few moles removed from my back and trunk (maybe about 25?. They were seen by a dermatologist who felt there was nothing to... READ MORE

How Long Will my Scar Be Red/purple and Itchy For After Mole Removal?

I had two moles removed off of my head in early December. One on the back of my head and one on my right sideburn. Both were benign, but the scars are... READ MORE

What Should I Do After I Cut a Mole Off?

I cut a mole off of my forarm and need some advice. It was just a little bigger than a marble. It was skin colored and did not have a very big base to... READ MORE

Suppose to Keep the Mole Removal Site Dry or Moist?

So I just had my facial moles removed via laser. And I was wondering if I'm suppose to keep it moist or dry. If moist, what type of thing could I put... READ MORE

My Doctor Did Not Give Me Any Aftercare Instructions for Mole Removal Except to Use Neosporin for a Week, Please Advise?

I got a mole on my chin at the side along my jawline removed. It was shaved off & then he even removed the bottom of it. Don't know the technical... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Care After Getting a Mole Shaved from my Face (Side of Nose)? To Minimize a Scar

What is the best way to care after having a mole shaved removed from my nose? To help minimize scars? I have some Miracle Skin Salve from Beeyoutiful... READ MORE

I Had Two Moles Removed Today on my Face by Shave Excision. Doc Give Me Antibiotics to Prevent Infection? (photo)

Should I cover my scar or leave it open? my Doc told me to leave it open and keep it moist with polysporin. Is there anything else I should know and... READ MORE

How do i take care of myself afer a mole removal?

Can i bathe, can i be exposed to sun etc, can i work out? READ MORE

How to I Clean the Wound Area Which a Mole Has Been Removed? (photo)

I got the mole removed today. She removed what you can see with the eye by shaving it off then burning the skin I took the bandage off I cleaned it... READ MORE

Mole excision post care in more details?

Hi. Its been over two weeks since my op. After eleven days my stitches were removed and only after exactly two weeks I removed my dressing. Scab... READ MORE

How should I get a mole removed from a "sensitive" area?

I have a mole that gets quite uncomfortable at times and normally I would just go in to my G.P. And get it taken care of, but, it is in a very... READ MORE

Mole Removal Elliptical Excision After Care?

I just had the stitches removed from wound on my face. How can i care for it to minimise the scar. Can i use steri strips on the wound with vaseline... READ MORE

After Care of Mole Removal Above Lip?

I had a mole removed above my lip today. The physician only said to use Vaseline and keep covered with a bandage. Is there anything else I can do to... READ MORE

What is the best after care for a mole removal?

I had a mole shaved of from the side of my forehead next to the corner of my eye andI was told only to wash it with water and soap and put a band-aid... READ MORE

What can I expect as for wound progression and should I apply silicon gel to my wound? (photos)

Dear reader, Three weeks ago I had a raised mole on my cheeck shaved off. My derm said I shouldn't be worried about scarring just that there was a... READ MORE

I had a facial mole removal, is it infected? I need aftercare advice too (Photo)

I had a mole on my face removed. It was burned/shaved off. This picture is the second day after the removal.. Accidentally knocked it yesterday and it... READ MORE

What I must do after the mole removal?

Tomorrow I'll have a mole removal... I have no idea yet what it'll be like after a day and weeks of mole removal. I just know that it'll be completely... READ MORE

I'm worried that my moles are not healing properly. Is the aftercare method I'm doing correct? (Photo)

I got 2 moles removed from my face 4 days ago by shaving then cauterized method The doctor put iodine cream (i think thats what he said) on afterwards... READ MORE

I just had a mole shaved off my nose today, what after care is required? I received none from my doctor

I just had a mole removed on my nose it was shaved off my doctor gave no after care advice What do I do now? its probably been 4 hours since the... READ MORE

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