3 Days Post-op + Mole Removal

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Dark Pigmentation Remaining After Mole Removal, WIll It Lighten?

I've had a mole removed only two days ago, and aside from parts of it that are slightly scabby there is dark pigmentation left over in the shape... READ MORE

Mole Removal 3 Days Ago and Experiencing Pain and Itching?

Hello,I am 20 yr old female.I had a mole removed on my face 3 days back and now I experiencing pain and itching around the affected area and the skin... READ MORE

What is the average time for scars to heal after electrocautery?

My dermatologist diagnosed my case as DPN on face. Electrocautery done 3 days back.Now black spots look more prominent. When will the black spots on... READ MORE

Black Scar After Mole Removal, Should I Worry?

I had a mole removed 3 days ago and because it was a raised mole, it had to be removed by stitches. A day after i got the stitches out, i noticed a... READ MORE

is it normal to still be swollen after getting a mole shaved off?

I went in three days ago to remove a mole located above my upper lip and still have allot of swelling left. It is not bothering and doesn't look like... READ MORE

I had a mole shaved off three days ago. Is Betadine okay to use?

Three days ago I had a mole shaved off. This is within the pubic region and as such surrounded by hair. The wound is about 1cm square. I have been... READ MORE

Why is my skin yellow around my stitches?

I had a mole removed three days ago. I'm using white petroleum and had 8 stitches on the top layer and they cauterized and sewed the under layer as... READ MORE

Do post op moles look infected? (Photo)

Had 2 moles removed from my back 3 days ago. They are extremely itchy and look really gross. I've been cleaning w/soap 2x per day and covering... READ MORE

Mole removal scar. Will it improve? (Photo)

My daughter just have a mole removed from her right cheek 3 days ago, I didn't expected for the cut to be sooo big, I am very nervous to see if this... READ MORE

I had a mole removed from my jaw by freezing it. The area is now red and swollen. What should I do?

I scraped off the mole, and now I have a big red circle there. The area is now very swollen after three days. What should I do. READ MORE

Mole removal aftercare.

I just got my mole removed with shaving biopsy about 3 days ago. I've been putting Aquaphor 2 times a day. Should I also put a bandaid on it? It feels... READ MORE

This is third day after mole removal through shaving method. Should I still cover with bandaid or use leave it open? (Photo)

I had my mole removed 2 days ago. This is day 3. Should I continue to cover the removal area with polysporin and a bandaid or should I leave it... READ MORE

Bad mole removal job. Need advice and help?

A doc removed a mole on my forehead 3 days ago. He cut deep into the root. He did not shave it flat. Now the skin around it has wribkled up. I believe... READ MORE

Is my plaster supposed to be dark brown and leaking after I shower? Had a mole removed 3 days ago and took off first plaster.

I got a mole removed on my back 3 days ago and today is the day I got to take off my 1st plaster. I had gone shower first and then I removed my... READ MORE

Is normal for a cauterized mole to have a scab on it?

I had three moles shaved off three days ago. I have been treating all three based on my instructions to clean with mild soap and water twice daily and... READ MORE

I had gotten my mole freezed now it's been 3 days. I accidentally popped the blister and took the skin off. What to do? (Photo)

Hi, I recently had my flat mole freezed 3 days ago and I was getting really anxious and inpatient so I was kinda fiddling with it when I accidently... READ MORE

How to heal a mole removal wound? (Photo)

Hello, I got 2 moles removed by laser about 3 days ago, a small one on my face and a bigger one on my left shoulder. The one on my cheek seems to be... READ MORE

My skin got dark brown after removal of mole. Any suggestions? (photos)

Ive got 2 moles removed 3 days ago. One on my belly and one on my leg. The one on my leg turned darkbrown the next day after i removed the bandage.... READ MORE

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