Mohs Surgery Videos

Three Ways to Protect Your Skin from Skin Cancer

Dr. Laurie Jacobson, at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Seattle, WA shares three very easy ways to protect your skin from skin cancer. VIEW NOW

How to Help Kids with Skin Cancer Prevention

Dr. Laurie Jacobson, a board certified dermatologist in Seattle, WA gives us tips on how to prevent skin cancer at a young age and why it's important to start a sunscreen habit early. VIEW NOW

Moles That Should Be Checked By a Dermatologist

Dr. Laurie Jacobson, a board certified dermatologist at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center in Seattle, WA walks us through five types (ABCDEs) of moles that everyone should get checked if they have them. VIEW NOW

Skin Checks Are Step One to Beautiful Skin

Dr. Laurie Jacobson, a board certified Dermatologist in Seattle, WA shares a few shocking facts about skin cancer and why it's time to get your skin checked. She gives us tips to get started, debunks myths, plus a special message to Hugh Jackman. VIEW NOW

MOHS Micrographic Surgery Demonstration (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Kleydman demonstrates and explains a MOHS Micrographic Surgery. MOHS Surgery is done in office and under local anesthesia to remove skin cancer. VIEW NOW

Skin Cancer Excision Procedure (GRAPHIC)

Dr Wolf demonstrates the technique of excising a skin cancer. Using deep stitches is also very important during this type of procedure. VIEW NOW

Removing Skin Cancer: An Introduction to Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is the 'gold standard' of skin cancer treatment on the head and neck area, and for aggressive, challenging cancers elsewhere on the body. Dr. Adam M. Rotunda explains. VIEW NOW


How to Treat Skin Cancer — The Doctor Explains Your Options

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Andrew Kaufman answers questions about preventing and treating skin cancer. VIEW NOW

Complications of Skin Cancer Surgery

Dr. Tanveer Janjua discusses the possible complications of skin cancer surgery. This is not a comprehensive list of all possible complications, but the ones Dr. Janjua feels are most important for a patient to be aware of. VIEW NOW

Treating Skin Cancer of the Eyelids and Near the Eyes — The Doctor Shares His Approach

Dr. Jeffrey Joseph discusses how he approaches skin cancer as an oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon. VIEW NOW

Watch How the Doctor Reconstructed This Man's Nose After Mohs Surgery (GRAPHIC)

After having his skin cancer removed, this man needed nose reconstruction. Dr. Earl Stephenson, Jr., walks us through the procedure. VIEW NOW


Mohs Reconstructive Surgery for Face, Head, and Neck

Dr. Patrick Byrne explains the difference between Mohs surgery and Mohs reconstructive surgery, what is involved and the post-surgery recovery. VIEW NOW

Learn About Sensus SRT for the Non-Surgical Treatment of Skin Cancer

Dr. Matthew Elias explains this non-surgical method for removal of skin cancer in addition to therapies such as Mohs Surgery. VIEW NOW

Skin Cancer: This Doctor Shares His Experience Performing Mohs Surgery

Dr. Anthony Benedetto explains Mohs surgery for removing skin cancer, live from Chicago at ASDS 2015. VIEW NOW

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What is Mohs Surgery? How Does It Compare to Plastic Surgery for Removing Skin Cancers?

Live from Chicago at ASDS 2015, Dr. Eickhorst answers questions about Mohs Surgery. VIEW NOW

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