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How Do You Perform Proper Scar Massage?

I'm confused about scar massage, I don't think I'm performing it correctly. I had Mohs surgery 5 weeks ago on my lower left chin, leaving... READ MORE

So You Recommend Massage & Silicone Sheet/gel After Mohs?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of massage and/or silicone sheet/gel for scar improvement after BCC Mohs flap repair on nose? Thank you. READ MORE

Will lumpiness of MOHS surgery scar on cheek eventually flatten out?

I am just shy of three weeks post MOHS surgery for removal of a squamous cell carcinoma in situ from my right cheek. The incision has healed, but... READ MORE

Is this scar normal after Mohs surgery? (Photos)

I had Mohs surgery on my right cheek for basal cell carcinoma 4 weeks ago. Does this scar appear normal or could this be a hypertrophic scar? Would I... READ MORE

A lump that has formed on the left side of my mothers nose after cancer removal and reconstructive surgery- what can be done?

In Fall of 2013, my mother had cancer removed from the front of her nose. The next day, she had plastic surgery to repair the lost skin. About a week... READ MORE

Massage after mohs surgery.

My mohs surgery on upper lip was 2 months ago. How many times a day should I massage and for how long a time 1 min, 2 min etc. READ MORE

My lip is pushed down in right side 2 weeks after MOHs surgery will it straighten out?

I had MOHs surgery 2 weeks ago and my lip is crooked. The scar is also hard under the skin at lip line where incision ends all the way to nose. Will... READ MORE

Exposed nostrils after mohs on nose? (Photo)

I am one week post opt from primary stitch closure on my nose. My nostrils are pulled up and exposed. Never were before. He said tip would be narrower... READ MORE

Eyelid still swollen and asymmetrical at 10 wks post Mohs + reconstructive flap surgery, will this improve on it's own? (photos)

Wondering if my lower eyelid is likely to elevate and symmetry improve once swelling (as seen in pic) eventually settles and skin thins out and scar... READ MORE

Exactly what is the massage technique? I'm guessing this is to work out the swelling and flatten the scar?

I had MOHS performed for basel cell on the side of my nose, removed about a half dollar size cancer. Doc says massage should start soon but gave no... READ MORE

Bio oil for massage and what to do about scars and suture spitting 5 weeks after mohs on nose (bilobed flap)?

I used vaseline but it clogged pores/caused pimples. I use bio oil instead, but got pimples which could be result of suture spitting. My scars are... READ MORE

Residual swelling after Mohs surgery (cheek near nose). Any suggestions? (photos)

After 5-1/2 months, I still have a noticeable swelling (puffy soft lump) at the low end of my scar (cheek near nose.) I massage 5 times a day, as told... READ MORE

How long does it take for massaging to take affect?

I had a basal cell removed close to the tear duct. It has been 8 weeks and the eye does not close all the way. The doctor told me to hold the eyebrow... READ MORE

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