So You Recommend Massage & Silicone Sheet/gel After Mohs?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of massage and/or silicone sheet/gel for scar improvement after BCC Mohs flap repair on nose? Thank you.

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Scar Treatments After Mohs Surgery

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Most surgical repairs after Mohs leave minimal scarring. Following your doctor's would care instructions is often all you need in order to obtain a superior cosmetic outcome. However, occasionally more prominent scarring will occur. There are a number of treatments to reduce scarring. My highest recommendation is to apply sunscreen over the area, as scar can darken and become more noticeable in the sun. Silicone dressings often help lubricate the scar and promote skin healing. Other find benefit by applying Vitamin E to the scar. Thicker scar can be injected with intralesional steroids to make them shrink down. Pulse dye laser can be used to help reduce any redness in the scar, or broken blood vessels that sometimes develop around the scar tissue. Other laser devices like fractionated resurfacing can help blend the scar (almost like airbrushing) in with the surrounding skin. Regardless of which treatment you chose, you should always consult and work closely with your doctor to get the best result. Some of these treatments should not be attempted for a number of weeks or even months after your surgery is performed. Good luck.

Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

Scar Improvement After Mohs

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The exact treatment is tailored to the individual scar. Most scars would benefit from using sunscreen or a combination sunscreen/silicone ge (e.g. Biocorneum)l. These products help most scars blend in to some degree and help the pinkness to the scar fade out more quickly. Silicone gel sheets can also help soften, flatten and improve final scar appearance, but are more difficult for patients to use consistently. Massage is useful if a scar has thickened or hypertrophied. Intralesional steroids are useful for hypertrophic or keloid scars. Pulsed dye laser can help improve final cosmetic result and decrease redness or thickness to scar. Best option is to discuss with the doctor who performed your repair what are the best options for you. Good luck.

Andrew Kaufman, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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