Massage after mohs surgery.

My mohs surgery on upper lip was 2 months ago. How many times a day should I massage and for how long a time 1 min, 2 min etc.

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Massage after mohs surgery

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I would just massage when you think about it. You can never do it too much. It will take 6 months up to one year for the scar to fully mature. I find that lip closures take and will feel firm and tight for many, many months!



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Mohs aftercare

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Typically, after Mohs surgery on the face, sutures are removed 7-10 days later. Keeping the wound clean and covered with ointment and a bandage are recommended until it has healed. Ultimately healing can take many months. If you have anything going on with the area such as a firm nodule that you may be massaging, you should be seen for scar treatment evaluation. 

Azin Meshkinpour, MD, MPH, FAAD
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