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My Scalp is Still Numb 4 Weeks After Mohs Surgery is This Normal?

I had Mohs surgery 4 weeks ago and flap closure. My scalp is still very numb and I have scabs on my scars. how long will it take for things to improve READ MORE

I had MOHs surgery on 7/3/14 for BCC on my nose and a skin flap was used to close the wound. What are you opinion? (photo)

I am very concerned about asymmetry of my nose as well as the fact that the alar opening on the operated side is now about 50% closed and the nostril... READ MORE

5 Wks After MOHs Surgery, Severe Swelling/Clogged?

My friend had MOHs surgery about 5 weeks ago on the side of his nose. He now has severe swelling inside that nostral to the point that he says... READ MORE

How long does the swelling and redness last after Mohs on nose?

How long does the swelling and redness last? Do most patients need the dog ear cut off a month after surgery? READ MORE

Repair of Previous Mohs Procedure?

I had a Mohs procedure on the tip of my nose to remove a basel cell on June 26th. The wound was about a centimeter. On the same day a plastic surgeon... READ MORE

How can I reduce subQ scar tissue after MOHS reconstruction?

I had MOHS 4 weeks ago with flap repair. Stitches ran around the ala, under nose near the center, down to lip, along the lip line and out 1 inch. At 2... READ MORE

What can I do to make my MOHS nose scar look better? (Photo)

Here's a picture for weeks out from Moes on nose surgery What can I do to make this look much much better? Two weeks I get the dog ear removed. The... READ MORE

Is this scar normal after Mohs surgery? (Photos)

I had Mohs surgery on my right cheek for basal cell carcinoma 4 weeks ago. Does this scar appear normal or could this be a hypertrophic scar? Would I... READ MORE

Why am i having pain?

I had mohs under eye 5 weeks ago. I am experiencing pain when I walk in the cold temperature. Is this normal and if so why does it hurt? READ MORE

Should hydrogen peroxide still be used for unhealed wound after Mohs surgery 3.5 weeks ago?

Wound still bubbles after application. I have been reading that long-term hydrogen peroxide use may not be helpful. I would appreciate your input.... READ MORE

I had mohs surgery on my nose 5 weeks ago?

I have a couple of large pores. Is there anything that can be done to minimize them? I had one blackhead start to form and had to scrub to get it out.... READ MORE

What's the best procedure for treating infected wound after MOHS on bottom of leg?

My surgery was four weeks ago on the bottom of my leg where I have poor circulation. I was put on CIPRO for infection. Wound is not healing very well,... READ MORE

Wound not closed after 4 weeks and stitches removed? (Photo)

I had mohs surgery 4 weeks ago. Stitches removed. I have an open whole that fills with yellow discharge. I wash it and apply ointment 3 times a day.... READ MORE

What is the safest sunscreen for a MOHs patient to use?

81 yo man has had several MOHs surgeries. Most recent on his nose and chest approx. 1 moth ago. He is careful to wear a hat when he is out but is... READ MORE

Lump after Mohs surgery, will it flatten? (Photo)

My concern is the lump on my nose above the skin flap. Is it still going to flatten? I know it's too early to tell but I want to know what I can do or... READ MORE

When can I apply makeup after Mohs surgery?

I am 5 weeks post Mohs surgery on my nose. I had a flap closure with 18 stitches that were removed at 10 days with no issues. The S shaped scar is... READ MORE

I had MOHs surgery on my right shin 1 month ago. How can I help speed up the recovery?

I am 69. I was walking 1 1/2 to 2 miles a day and taking yoga once a week. Now I go to yoga, doing only exercises done sitting or laying. I walk about... READ MORE

Bio oil for massage and what to do about scars and suture spitting 5 weeks after mohs on nose (bilobed flap)?

I used vaseline but it clogged pores/caused pimples. I use bio oil instead, but got pimples which could be result of suture spitting. My scars are... READ MORE

Healing question a month after Basal Cell surgery on my back. The incision is almost healed, but a small "hole" had developed

It has been roughly a month since my surgery to remove basal cell cancer in my back. The bulk of the incision is closed up and healing, but the... READ MORE

Why is there a raised collagen production? (photos)

I had squamous cell (4mm) removed from nose and basel cell (4mm) from lip 3.5 weeks ago. Obviously the nose is not healing well. Doctor said it is... READ MORE

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