I had MOHs surgery on 7/3/14 for BCC on my nose and a skin flap was used to close the wound. What are you opinion? (photo)

I am very concerned about asymmetry of my nose as well as the fact that the alar opening on the operated side is now about 50% closed and the nostril is much lower. I was told that de-bulking the scar or steroid injections may be necessary in a few months and I haven't really read much on that being done. What is your opinion, please. Should I see my surgeon or a plastic surgeon for this? I'm not thrilled about having anything else done without any sedation either to be honest. Thank you.

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Mohs to nose - how is it healing up

It is way to soon to tell. It really can take up to 6 months to see how everything will resolve after a Mohs procedure like you had done, which was very extensive. Corrective things can be done later, and yes, injections can be done to alleviate the lumpiness of the scar. But it cannot be done too quickly. The body needs time to fix itself on its own before we go in and try to do other things.

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Healing following flap reconstruction

It will take time for the wound to heal well. In the first few days after surgery a splint could help to support the nasal structure. In any case, it could need a small revision down the road.

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