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Liposuction to Upper/lower Back, Flanks, Tummy and Mini Tummy Tuck. I Have Flaps Hanging in Upper Back? (photo)

I Am 7 Days Post Op. I did wear a compression garment that was tight at the top. Could this have caused this over hang, wing look possibly? Or do you... READ MORE

Is This an Allergic Reaction? After Mini-TT and Liposuction. (photo)

After mini tuck and lipo skin is red not just bruised and some parts are blistering . Is this an allergic reaction? I am 7 days post op. READ MORE

Lipo W/ Mini Tummy Tuck, but No Drains?

I have lipo w/ mini tummy tuck one week ago. My doctor did not place drains. Are drains required, or just a matter of technique? I am worried that I... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have One Side More Bruised and Swollen Than the Other After Vaser and Mini TT? (photo)

I'm 5 days post op, I had Vaser on the hips,flanks,back fat,inner thighs, upper stomach and a mini TT, The left side is more bruised and swollen... READ MORE

Puffiness & Swelling 1 Week Post-op Mini Tummy Tuck / Lipo

I Had a MTT 11-15 & Lipo of my Abs and my Upper Stomach is "Puffy" and Below the Incision? READ MORE

Constipation After Mini Tummy Tuck

I had a mini tummy tuck and has constipation.Thre has been 4 days .Thank you What can I do? READ MORE

TT scar is high? (Photos)

I'm only 7 days post op from a mini tummy tuck. Dr me he would make a 5-4 in incision, bring down the extra skin, and done. The day of surgery he... READ MORE

Orgasm after abdominpplasty and mastoplexy?

I had the two procedures done on nov 4, I don't want to engage in "SI" as I've heard it called on here, but am wondering if I am "safe" to have an... READ MORE

BB Looks like a slit than round after a TT?

I did a TT a week ago, still have wrinkles around the centre of the belly and the BB is now a long slit like than round ,The PS did not give me a new... READ MORE

5 days post op Mini Tummy Tuck, any suggestions? (photos)

Hello to everybody! It is the 5th day after mini tummy tuck and I feel in general ok! I know about the swelling but I have a small concern. Now it... READ MORE

Had a mini tummy tuck done with lipo but is it normal for my belly to overlap when sitting down? (photos)

Is it just the swelling? I am 5 days post op. When laying down it looks completely flat READ MORE

Is this swelling or still some sagging skin 1 week after Mini Tummy Tuck? (photos)

Hello. I had a mini tummy tuck exactly one week ago. I was realistic about my expectations as I couldn't have a full tummy tuck with muscle repair... READ MORE

Should my surgeon have performed muscle repair? (Photo)

Im 41 5ft 8 and 140lbs and had a mini tummy tuck w no muscle repair 9 days ago. Im somewhat disappointed in my results- i can still see a pooch and... READ MORE

Will the dimple above tummy tuck incision smooth out? (Photo)

One week post op from mini tummy tuck. There is a dimple above incision. Will it smooth out? Should I have gotten a full tuck instead? I didn't have a... READ MORE

Why does my stomach look bigger and worse than before tummy tuck? (Photo)

I got a mini tummy tuck a week ago and am really depressed and concerned. To me it looks bugger and worse then it did before i got it done. Is this do... READ MORE

Mini tummy tuck regret 1 week post op and I can't stop crying.

My c section scar was indented with an overhang and I had diastasis. I went to a board certified ps who suggested a mini tuck. I asked for a full and... READ MORE

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