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Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

I have been doing several treatments for mesotherpay for hair loss and i dont find any result, my normal hair is falling more. READ MORE

Skin Care After Mesotherapy

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for creams/lotions to use to help with the healing of the injection sites and to make sure no scarring... READ MORE

Lumps After Mesotherapy for Nose Bump

I am searching for anyone with a solution. I had Mesotherapy done to reduce the bone on the bridge of my nose. It worked and looked great for 2 months... READ MORE

Mesotherapy and Pregnancy

I took Mezotherapy course (6 Ampoules) For slimming the buttocks, about a month ago and conducted analysis of pregnancy yesterday I discovered I was... READ MORE

Had Mesotherapy Before I Knew I Was Pregnant, What's The Risk?

Hi I had mesotherapy two weeks ago, now I just found out I am pregnant.... I must have ovulated around the time I had mesotherapy. I had 10 injections... READ MORE

I have spent thousands on Mesotherapy for hair. It does not work its a take on. Should i use Propecia

This product is a con. Have spent thousands and my hair is just gettin worse. Should i take propecia? READ MORE

Itching and Blood With Urinating After Mesotherapy. Is This Normal?

I had mesotherapy done later that afternoon when i urinated there was slight blood and I had itching READ MORE

Pain 6 Months After Lipodissolve/mesotherapy?

I sometimes have pain on back of my thighs after 6 months of a bad resulting lipodissolve/mesotherapy procedure. Also still many lipomas under the... READ MORE

When Will Swelling from Mesotherapy Go Away?

I had mesotherapy. When will the swelling of my inner and outer thighs go away? READ MORE

Is Mesotherapy Effective for Hair Loss?

I have been enjected by mezotherapy 11 times but the result is sooo little should i continue?? READ MORE

Meso-RF-Lift Injections for Whole Body?

Are Meso-RF-Lift injections used on the rest of the body besides the face and neck? Is it safe for the body? Does it cause any damage to... READ MORE

Could Mesotherapy Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

Can whatever is injected with mesotherapy shots show up in a urine drug screening as an illegal drug that would make you fail the drug screen? READ MORE

Losing hair while getting treated with mesotherapy and PRP?

Hi, I am a 24 year old female. I am currently on my 4th week of treatment 2 meso & 2 PRP, so 1 each week. I have experienced a large amount of hair... READ MORE

Brusing from Phosphatidylcholine

A year ago I bought a Mesotherapy kit and had great results with it. Then, I decided to buy phosphatidylcholine from another seller and used it, but... READ MORE

Recurrence of Bulging in Lower Abs After Mesotherapy

Three Mesotherapy treatments to my small lower abs two years ago eliminated the bulge that seems to be returning despite no change to my weight or... READ MORE

What is More Effective/permanent for Facial Fat Removal on Side of Cheek? Mesotherapy or Smart Lipo? (photo)

One side of cheek is fuller, after a few session of mesotherapy, it has improved considerably. But was wondering if smart lipo is more effective in... READ MORE

All over the face skin mesotherapy was injected. Plasma, PRP, and now puffy face.

Hello, four days before me all over the face skin mesotherapy way was injected plasma, also known as PRP.He was admitted with no hyaluronic. now my... READ MORE

Buccal Fat or Meso? (photo)

One side of cheek is fuller, after a few session of mesotherapy, it has improved considerably. But was wondering if smart lipo is more effective in... READ MORE

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