*Horizontal Torsoplasty-Male Breast Reduction-Male Upper Body Lift-Male (GRAPHIC)

In this video, my patient underwent a horizontal torsoplasty, breast reduction, and an upper body lift to remove excess skin. VIEW NOW

Gynecomastia Tightening Loose Skin with JPLASMA

Dr. Parikh Bellevue|Seattle Plastic Surgeon removes male breast and treats loose skin with mastopexy and JPLASMA. JPLASMA is new tech that tightens the skin. Watch demo. Larger scars with larger breasts can possibly be avoided. VIEW NOW

JPLASMA Gynecomastia Skin Tightening (GRAPHIC)

Bellevue|Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parikh tightens the loose skin with JPLASMA device after gynecomastia male breast removal. After removal of the breast the skin was excessive. A mastopexy and JPLASMA subdermal was used to treat the loose skin. VIEW NOW

SculpSure to Treat Grade I Gynecomastia

Dr Fearmonti illustrates candidates for and procedure involved in this nonoperative management of Gynecomastia. VIEW NOW

Gynecomastia Treatment Options, Benefits and Results

Dr Scott Tucker explains gynecomastia and the various procedures used to treat the condition, the recovery period, and how gratifying the results can be. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction with Ultrasonic Liposuction (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tehrani performing ultrasonic liposuction on a male with gynecomastia (enlarged male breast). He uses a special liposuction tool to suck away fat and remove some breast tissue. Dr. Tehrani also removes a benign cyst from the patient's areola. VIEW NOW

Laser Hair Removal of the Beard and Neck

Laser hair removal is not just for ladies. This patient undergoes his first treatment to treat his dark beard and neck. VIEW NOW

Exercising Guidelines After Surgery

Dr. Alexander explains general recommendations for when to exercise again after surgery. As each patient is different in their recovery, these plans must be individualized and determined by your surgeon. VIEW NOW

Awake Male Breast Reduction Surgery Review

Plastic surgeon Dr. Parikh's patient discusses AWAKE Gynecomastia surgery immediately after being done with the procedure. He provides genuine feedback about the overall experience. VIEW NOW

Large Gynecomastia with Excessive Skin Removed (GRAPHIC)

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. R. Parikh demonstrated the IMF approach and shows the chest after removal of the male breast. The nipple is seen on the pedicle and excess skin will be removed. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction Surgery Live Patient Review

This gentleman shares his experience AWAKE in REAL TIME as Plastic Surgeon Dr. R. Parikh performs male breast reduction surgery and liposuction. VIEW NOW

How Gynecomastia Differs from Fat GRAPHIC)

Plastic Surgeon Dr. R. Parikh demonstrates gynecomastia tissue through an incision made under the areola in real time. VIEW NOW

Small Gynecomastia Removed From Around the Nipple (GRAPHIC)

Plastic Surgeon Dr. R. Parikh demonstrates removal of the male breast tissue or gynecomastia through an incision made around the bottom of the nipple areola. The patient is awake and this is performed under local anesthesia. VIEW NOW

Gynecomastia Tissue Explained

Plastic Surgeon Dr. R. Parikh talks briefly about male breast tissue or glandular tissue around the nipple area. VIEW NOW

Large Gynecomastia with Excess Skin Removed

Plastic Surgeon Dr. R. Parikh shows the chest contour after large gynecomastia excision and excess skin removal. An inferiorly based flap was performed through an IMF approach to maintain the nipple while allowing removal of the male breast. VIEW NOW