Male Breast Reduction Videos

Gynecomastia: Removing Male Breasts Caused By Prohormones (GRAPHIC)

This man took prohormones for bodybuilding and developed gynecomastia, or "man boobs". In this video, Dr. Robert Caridi describes the surgery he performs to remove the gynecomastia and the related psychological trauma. VIEW NOW

Seroma Formation After Gynecomastia Treatment: How to Avoid It and Treat It

Dr. Robert Caridi discusses what a seroma is and how seromas sometimes form after gynecomastia treatment. VIEW NOW

Male Gynecomastia: How Can Male Breasts Be Treated?

Dr. Jaime Schwartz explains Gynecomastia surgery, which has been a popular procedure in plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Gynecomastia: Learn About Male Breast Reduction Procedures

Dr. Steven Wallach explains the common male problem of having a female-like chest, especially after weight loss. Dr. Wallach then discusses what procedure can be done to improve the issue. VIEW NOW

Breast Enhancement: Factors to Consider Before Your Surgery

Dr. Kris Reddy presents various breast enhancement options and considerations. Procedures discussed include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, and male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

Male Ultrasonic Liposuction and Fat Transfer (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Kevin Tehrani performs liposuction and fat transfer on this man. He is active and fit, but has stubborn fat pockets. The fat is then used to bulk up the pectoral muscles for a more pleasing appearance. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Gynecomastia Surgery Process (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Joseph Thomas Cruise shares this video of a gynecomastia surgery performed under local anesthesia. He explains in full detail to help prospective candidates for this procedure understand what to expect and ease stress. VIEW NOW


See the Procedure: Puffy Nipple Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Joseph Thomas Cruise performs most puffy nipple gynecomastia corrections under local anesthesia. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Male Breast Reduction Options

Dr. David Whiteman discusses male breast reduction surgery. VIEW NOW

A Quick Overview of Gynecomastia

Dr. Melinda Haws explains different types of Gynecomastia, also known as male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Male Breast Reduction Techniques

Dr. Paul M. Steinwald illustrates the various types of gynecomastia in addition to the chest masculinization techniques used to treat it. VIEW NOW

How to Correct a Saggy Male Chest

Dr. Steven Wallach explains male chest deformities which can appear feminine and how they can be corrected with a male breast reduction. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction: What Incisions Will I Need to Correct My Gynecomastia?

Dr. Wallach answers common questions surrounding male breast reductions including the types of incisions and what you can expect from the procedure. VIEW NOW

Gynecomastia After Losing 100 Pounds — See This Male Breast Reduction Surgery (GRAPHIC)

A young man lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise but still had excess skin. Dr. David E. Berman performs a gynecomastia procedure to remove the extra skin, providing information about each step as he operates. VIEW NOW

Male Breast Reduction: A Doctor's Approach

Dr. Michael Law discusses his surgical approach to treat gynecomastia using a three-step process, and he also explains the importance of minimizing scarring. VIEW NOW

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