Lower Face Lift Videos

How to Get a Natural Looking Facelift

Dr. Dominic Castellano is an expert in the facelift procedure. Dr. Dominic addresses the sagging jowls and lower portion of the face, while focusing on a natural looking outcome that rejuvenates and makes you look years younger. VIEW NOW


Tired Eyes and a Sagging Neck — See This Woman's Transformation After Sugery

Dr. Michael Elam performed upper and lower eyelid surgery with a lower face lift and liposuction. VIEW NOW

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How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

Dr. Payman Simoni explains how much you should pay for a face lift, the hidden costs of facelift surgery, and pitfalls. VIEW NOW

What to Expect After a Facelift

If you have elected to undergo a facelift, it is important to know what to expect afterwards. Dr. William Marshall Guy discusses what to expect, how long swelling lasts, and treatment recommendations to help speed up the healing process. VIEW NOW


A Facelift Journey Through Pictures — See This Woman's Results at 1, 3, and 9 Months Post-Op

Sometimes a photograph motivates change. Sometimes a photograph tells a story. Dr. Benjamin C. Paul shares this woman's facelift journey. VIEW NOW


What You Need to Know About Facelifts

Dr. Patrick Byrne describes what is involved in having a face-lift, when to consider having one and post-surgery recovery. VIEW NOW

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This Doctor Explains His Facelift Technique

Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace explains his "Calolift" method for facial rejuvenation and neck tightening. VIEW NOW

Misconceptions of Facelifts: The Doctor Explains

There are a lot of misconceptions about facelifts. The best facelifts are ones that no one ever knows you had. Dr. Greg Chernoff says most of his patients are back to normal activities in approximately one week. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Explains the Many Names of Facelifts

Many people are confused about the different names of facelifts. Dr. Greg Chernoff explains various procedures and the importance selecting the right procedure for your anatomy regardless of what name the procedure is called. VIEW NOW


Is a Male Facelift Different From a Female Facelift?

Men get facelifts, too, says Dr. John Ward. He shares his expertise. VIEW NOW

Changes of Buccal Fat Position in Aging, and Adding Youthful Structure to the Face

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how buccal fat that once gave youthful volume and structure to the face can thin and push outward at the lower face from aging. Lost volume and structure can be added non-surgically. VIEW NOW

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Will Everybody Know I've Had a Facelift? Is iIt Possible to Look More Youthful Without Looking Like You've Had Surgery?

Dr. Stephen Weber addresses common questions people have prior to a facelift, including incisions scarring. VIEW NOW

How Long Is Recovery From a Facelift? When Can I Return to Work and Social Activities?

Dr. Stephen Weber discusses the timeline for facelift recovery and what you can expect. VIEW NOW

Julie's Facelift Journey: Recovery and Results (Part 5)

In the final episode, Julie continues to discuss her facelift experience, including her recovery, results, and if she'd have the procedure again. VIEW NOW

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