Lower Face Lift Videos

Neck Rejuvenation: Least Invasive to Most Invasive Options Explained

Dr. R. Brannon Claytor outlines the various options for neck rejuvenation, starting from the least invasive up to the most invasive available procedures. VIEW NOW


Voluma Rejuvenation: Correcting an Aging Mouth and Marionette Lines

Dr. Leif Rogers demonstrates how Voluma can be injected along the mouth and into the marionette lines to smooth wrinkles and lines. This woman was concerned with the grooves around her mouth which were smoothed out after her Voluma treatment. VIEW NOW


Facelift 101: What Types of Facelift Procedures Are Available?

There are many descriptions and marketing terms for facelifts, which can make understanding any facelift procedure confusing. In this video, Dr. Pacifico clearly describes the different facelift procedures without the gimmicks. VIEW NOW

Av Overview on the Facelift Procedure

Dr. Edward Ricciardelli discusses what happens during a facelift, as well why the most important aspect is volumizing the mid-face. The facelift also tightens the jawline, cheek area, and neck. VIEW NOW

Facelift: How It Works

Dr. Victor Chung describes how a facelift addresses the lower part of the face to reverse signs of aging. VIEW NOW

Neck Rejuvenation: No Facelift or Neck Lift Needed

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews this woman's concerns about rejuvenating her neck area and if her age is appropriate for a facelift or neck lift. He discusses limited face and neck lifting techniques, as well as non-surgical skin tightening options. VIEW NOW

Facelift: Where Are The Incisions?

Dr. Narongdej Jiarapeepan explains the different incisions between a facelift, neck lift and temporal lift. VIEW NOW

Before & After: See This Woman's Complete Facial Makeover

Dr. Laxmeesh Mike Nayak discusses how this woman's results demonstrate how rhinoplasty can be the finishing touch on a full face rejuvenation. She underwent a lower facelift, neck lift, lower eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. VIEW NOW

Facelift vs. Neck Lift: What Is Right for Me?

Dr. Edward Ricciardelli discusses the differences between a facelift and a neck lift. There are important things that you should know before deciding to have your surgery. VIEW NOW

Facelifts: See the Before and Afters

Dr. Joshua Halpern shares a compilation of before and after images from patients that received facelifts. VIEW NOW

Facelift: A Patient Shares His Story

Walton Montegut shares a video of patient discussing his personal experience with a facelift. He discusses the anxiety and quick recovery process after undergoing surgery. VIEW NOW

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Different Treatments for Platysmal Bands

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains the varying treatments and approaches that surgeons may use to treat platysmal bands. VIEW NOW

What Happens to an Aging Face?

Dr. Garcia discusses the many aspects of aging in the lower face. He describes the changes happening in the mid-face and chin and how to combat them. VIEW NOW

Facelift Options for Men and Women

Dr. Shaun Parson explains the differences in benefits of getting a facelift for both men and women. VIEW NOW

This Woman Shares Her Mini Facelift and Neck Lift Results

Dr. Kimberley O'Sullivan shares this video of a patient who shares her results after the procedure. VIEW NOW