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How Long to Wait for Lower Face and Neck Lift Revision Surgery?

I am 4 months post op from lower face and neck lift. When I look forward with my head raised my jawline looks perfectly smooth. If I smile, turn or... READ MORE

4 months post op Lower Face Lift, my neck is sagging. Do you think the surgeon didn't make it tight enough in the beginning?

I just submitted a question and this is a follow up question. 4 months after my surgery my neck is slightly sagging. Nothing like before but not as... READ MORE

Almost 4 Months After Facelift, Strange New Sensations. Please Help Me to Understand What's Going On?

I had a mini lower lift 4 months ago. My primary complaint up to last week has been uncomfortable tightness around ears. That discomfort has just... READ MORE

How Soon Can a Revision Be Done After Lower Laser Facelift?

I had a lower laser face lift done approx. 4months ago. I have a fat pocket that hangs down under my chin right behind chin scar. It looks awful and... READ MORE

Feel Good 4 Months After Facelift. But Only 2 Hours Per Day. Any Explanation?

I had a mini-lower lift 4 months ago. I had a lot of issues with recovery most of which are slowly resolving. My primary remaining issues are... READ MORE

4 months after corset platysmaplasty and lower facelift, I am still having difficulty swallowing. Is this normal?

Difficulty swallowing since surgery. Neck and throat extremely tight. Squishing sound when wallowing saliva, gulping sound with liquids. Reported it... READ MORE

Can a too tight platysmaplasty be loosened laterally and submentally?

I am 4 - 1/2 months out from a corset platysmaplasty. I am in enormous discomfort and distress from excessive tightness laterally and submentally. My... READ MORE

I am 120 days post lower face lift surgery. My lip droops and my neck muscle or tendon do not work. Will it get better? (Photo)

I can not control my bottom lip on the right side, causing a crooked smile and the lip folds in when I eat. It impairs my speaking, My neck tendons do... READ MORE

Why have I developed two bands above my adam's apple after 4 months of lower facelift?

It's now 4 months after my surgery. I just came from my Surgeon and he is not very helpful when I ask him my concerns. I loved my facelift results but... READ MORE

How long does it take to recover after a lower facelift?

I had a lower face lift 4 months ago. Still have numbness in my ears and face along with ringing in my ears. Also still alot of tightness in my neck .... READ MORE

Lower face lift and platysmaplasty 4 months ago.. Bruise , indentation , puckers and folds on chin scar, neck still not good.

I still have a bluish area visible on my cheek. ( appeared 4 weeks post op.) I have an indentation that runs across the top of my other cheek when I... READ MORE

Twitching in cheek 4 months post lower facelift, will the twitches or spasms be temporary?

I had a lower facelift over 4 months ago. I also had fillers & Botox 1 week later. No Botox since. My face had felt a little more numb on 1 side... READ MORE

Why did my "lower facelift' last only 4 months?

I am 78 years old and have had one facelift in the past. I had a lower blepharoplasty 4 months ago and already my neck has loosened and doesn't look... READ MORE

Why does my skin feel like it is seeping moisture after my facelift?

Four months ago I had a lower face and neck lift. Post-op, the skin that the surgeon worked on, which is basically around the sides of my face and all... READ MORE

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