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Ear Numbness on One Side After Lower Facelift?

I had a lower face lift 9 weeks ago. One ear is still virtually, completely numb. I have feeling inside the ear, near and around the entrance to the... READ MORE

Had Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift 7 Weeks Ago? (photo)

One side progressing I think very well. The other is very lumpy. I did have fluid removed from that side 3 times. I know lumps will go away with time,... READ MORE

Is bruising normal after 7 weeks post-op?

I am 7 weeks post lower face/neck lift. The swelling is much better but I still have a bruise on one side of my face that just seems to never get... READ MORE

8 weeks PO, now I see jowls coming back especially on the side I was concerned with. Could it be fluid?

I had surgery 8 weeks ago and it looked great even swollen. But now I see the jowel coming back especially on the side I was most concerned about. And... READ MORE

Swelling and hard lumps behind my ears and swelling and discoloration in front of ears. Any suggestions? (photos)

7 weeks ago I had a minimally invasive lower face, jowls and neck lift. According to my doctor's website: 'The Lift is technically a simple procedure... READ MORE

2 months after lower facelift, neck is still too tight. Is this normal?

I had a lower facelift 2 mos ago and my neck is still too tight, my adams apple is still catching when I swallow on what feels like an ear to ear band... READ MORE

Lower facelift, neck lift & fat transfer nightmare - follow up. (photos)

57 and 9 weeks Post-op, lower facelift and neck lift .Neck lift was my only reason to do this surgery. Unfortunately I do not see any caring from his... READ MORE

Will bumps go away after face lift surgery? (Photo)

Had lower facelift & neck lift surgery on Oct. 19 by board certified plastic surgeon. Right side of face is sore & bumpy- looks deformed. Surgeon has... READ MORE

10 wks post neck lift & lower face lift,my neck has developed unsightly vertical bands.What are they & can they be fixed?(photo)

The neck lift is disappointing &embarrassing. I never had vertical lines before, just slight sagging. Now my neck looks terrible & much older. I have... READ MORE

Advice needed on lower facelift and neck lift. (Photo)

I am 7 weeks post-op on Lower Facelift/Necklift. Surgery was performed by a highly reputable surgeon who is double board certified in Facial Plastics... READ MORE

I had lower facelift & lower eyelids done 3/16. Dr added my fat in brows without consulting me. Can it be fixed ASAP? (Photo)

Do I have to wait 5 more months for nerve to regenerate due to Dr adding my fat in my brows without consulting Me before the surgery? Or can a Dr on... READ MORE

Vertical wrinkling and fullness after neck, lower face lift. (photos)

I am 10 weeks post lower face, neck lift. I used massage and home ultrasound. I had hard areas with verical bands primarily on the left neck and under... READ MORE

What more can be done? 8 weeks post lower face lift and neck lift, will a revision surgery help? (photos)

I have posted before, this is the situation after 8 weeks, daily skin massage and one laser massage. I see no progress. My neck looks a lot worse... READ MORE

10 weeks post op, I'm swollen on the left side of my face. Any suggestions?

Facelift 10weeks ago still have knot on left side possibly blood collected..what to do READ MORE

Hi, I had a neck lift and lower face lift just over 9 weeks.

At the back of my head where the incision is, especially the right side is especially sore. Is is possible that the surgeon might have accidentlly cut... READ MORE

How soon after neck and lower facelift can attached earlobe (pixie ear) be fixed? 2 months post op. (photo)

I had a neck and lower facelift done two months ago. The earlobes are attached to my cheek; they were dangling before surgery. My surgeon said he... READ MORE

Will swelling under eye after lower face/neck lift go away? (Photos)

From the very first week, I have had a huge swelling under my right eye, even though I didn't have anything done on my eyes. I am 7 weeks post... READ MORE

It is now 7 weeks after my lower facelift and I still have pain and sticking and pulling. Is this normal?

My stitches still hurt. They feel itchy and very sore . when I turn my head I feel the stitches behind my ears pulling. Is this normal for 7 weeks... READ MORE

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