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Sensitivity/Soreness on Upper Abdomen Where I had Lipo with TT 7 Years Ago, What Should I Do?

I had a tummy tuck with just one little area of liposuction.(I was not even suppose to get lipo) Dr just did it. All would probably been well except... READ MORE

Major discoloration and sensitive to touch at areas that were lipo a year ago. What is this and how can it be fixed? (Photos)

I'm about one year out from my surgery and I still have bad weird discoloration all over my stomach, sides and partial back. It's also painful to... READ MORE

How long does the hardness stay?

How long does the hardness stay on the lipo sites. Like my back and flanks areas? should I message the areas? Its only been 2 weeks sensitive to touch . READ MORE

I Just Had Liposuction on my Left Calf a Month Ago?

Is it normal to that some areas of my calf is still firm and sensitive to touch? Should i still wear a compression garment 24/7 and how long should i... READ MORE

Would it be helpful to use kinesio tape 2 months after liposuction?

I had liposuction of my trunk about 2 months ago and the left side of my stomach and side is very sensitive and had heard that Ktape or something... READ MORE

Hard tissue/ bulge after Lipo, is this normal? (photo)

I have this hard skin bulge like line , it sensitive to the touch but boy going away . It's been 10 days since my liposuction, will it go away ? Or is... READ MORE

Abdominal Tightness about 15 days after lipo.

Hello, i had lipo under general anesthesia and it feels as if my muscles are so incredibly tight i cant stretch them out and get any relief. when i do... READ MORE

2 weeks post-op lipo and fat grafting: What do I do about possibly infected area?

I had lipo and fat grafting 15 days ago..I have what's looks like a contussion on my outer hip/buttocks. It's red, irritated, sensitive to touch,... READ MORE

How long does the sensitivity last after liposuction?

Hi id like to know how long will the sensitivity on my stomach last. I had liposuction 3 weeks ago and my stomach is very sensitive. I want to know... READ MORE

Tingling of the foot after Liposuction of the legs. Any suggestions?

I have made liposuction of tighs (lateral, Inner and posterior), inner knees, and posterior legs 3 days ago. Since I was operated , I have the normal... READ MORE

3 months after liposuction and very little difference (Photos)

I got the surgery done on 18th Nov'16. It was circumfercial procedure on hips, thighs, outer thighs n inner thighs. I just complete 3 months n see my... READ MORE

Warmth on abdomen after this common?

Got abdomen Lipo last week and stomach is still very sensitive but has a warm feeling when touching it. Is this normal. READ MORE

I'm scared of what I'm feeling. Had a tummy tuck in '07, on Dec 9th I had lipo. I'm sensitive, feel weak in that area. (photo)

To: arms, back flanks n abdomen w/fat transfer to buttocks. My lower abdomen feels very weak n tender to the tolip, all other areas are healing at the... READ MORE

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