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Is It Possible to Get NO Result from Liposuction?

I'm 9 days out from bilateral thigh liposuction to change my "pear shape," and I look exactly the same as before, with the exception of... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Help Me Achieve my Ideal Measurements?

I am an 18 year old girl and weigh 123 pounds at 5'4". I have a waist measurement of 28 1/2", bust of 34", and hips of 36".... READ MORE

Would like to know if liposuction on my pear shape would really help? (photos)

Hi! I have wanted lipo for a very LONG time. I have a lot of weight on my outer thighs, buttocks and some on my inner thigh/hips. I had a breast Aug... READ MORE

Gaining weight in untreated areas. Myth or fact? Photo)

So, it'll be almost a year since I had my botched lipo on thighs, hips and butt. I'd intentionally gained a few more kilos in the hopes of gaining... READ MORE

Pear shaped body - any way to "even" out my upper and lower body areas? (photos)

My upper area including my waist is proportionally thin compared to my bottom and thigh area. This has been the case since puberty, regardless if I am... READ MORE

If I am 5-10 pounds within my usual weight, will my lipo results be very different?

I am a 30 year old female, 5'6", pear shape, no kids. I'm usually 122-126 lbs but gained weight in the last year and am now 130-132 lbs; the majority... READ MORE

Pear shape genetic deformity? Which type of Lipo? (photos)

I have a pear shape figure I want to keep my bum get rid of the fat on my flanks and thighs.I was wondering if I had a pear shaped genetic deformity?... READ MORE

Liposuction to get a more shapely silhouette? (Photo)

Can i get lipo on just my love handles to give me a pear shape? It seems like no matter how much I work I lose very little in my waist. That area is... READ MORE

I am a 64 year old white female with an extreme pear shape. Any suggestions?

I have very small shoulders and very wide hips. It's as if I have two different body shapes joined at the waist. I have a huge butt, stomach, thighs... READ MORE

Can liposuction help get rid of a pear shape, or a protruding butt?

Hello! For me, I have always carried a lot of weight in my thighs and glutes, but more so in my glutes. I store most fat there and it protrudes out... READ MORE

saddle bag outer thigh problem I have thick thighs. Although it doesn' feel soft when I pinch it... Can I fix this? (photo)

... like it is at my fat tissue areas, I can push it backwards. And when I do so my butt becomes fuller my thigh looks slimmer and when you look at... READ MORE

I want shapely feminine legs, my body is very pear shaped. What do you recommend? How effective is lower body lipo? (photo)

I do not wear skirts, dresses, or shorts because my legs have no shape. My thighs are so big and I have big ankles and a lot of fat behind my knee. I... READ MORE

Years of yoyo dieting; I'm trying to get into the best shape I can. I'm a pear shape - wanting to be hourglass? (Photos)

- do I definitely require a lift if I was wanting to get implants. - I would be aiming for a 10D sized cup. I am currently a 12B - I am a good... READ MORE

This might be lipedema? Can I get a local anesthesia when getting liposuction? (Photos)

I am confused if I got early stage lipedema or just a pear shape figure? Please let me find out. It makes my psychological state go real bad. I am... READ MORE

What's the best procedure to even put my pear shape? I'm 40 years old, 5'8" and 160 lbs. (photo)

I lost 80 lbs about 11 years ago and have maintained the same weight within 5 lbs up/down. I do HIRT training 5-6 days per week and eat grain free and... READ MORE

Average cost for outer thigh Lipo in Western Canada (BC/AB)?

I would like liposuction of my outer thighs to reduce my pear shape and would like an average quote for this 1 area from any doctors in British... READ MORE

My upper arm is kind of almond or pear shape, I tried to do many exercises but it didn't work I have bulgy upper (Photos)

Right above elbow it is thinner but when you up it has kind of bulky ..Recently I started to go to massage but while doing near that upper arm fat... READ MORE

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