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What Can I Do for Nerve Pain Following Liposuction?

I had lipo 22 days ago to my arms and upper/lower abs. Now that the numbness has worn off, I am having a really hard time with what seems like nerve... READ MORE

Nerve Damage After Liposuction to Inner Thigh

It is now 7 weeks postop. My inner thighs feel tight, sometimes burning and very tender to touch. Will this go away in time? Was on 1800mg gabapentin... READ MORE

Arm Liposuction Nerve Injury - How Long to Heal?

I had arm liposuction revision 3 days ago. During procedure I felt a zip zip type pain shoot down my forearm. Later that day the underside of the... READ MORE

Neck Lipectomy Lipo - Chances of Crooked Smile or Nerve Damage?

Im 38 and having a neck lipo procedure. I had body lipo a year ago and i had an easy recovery except that i lost use of one of my arms for about a... READ MORE

Can Untrasonic Lipo Cause Sciatic Nerve Damage?

I also noticed that my sciatic nerve hurts a little, so I was wondering is it was from ultrasonic lipo. READ MORE

Nerve Pain After Abdominal Liposuction

I am a 39 year old male, my doctor tells me he removed 2.8 liters from my front and sides abdominal area. this is my day 5 and on certain movements I... READ MORE

Nerve Damage from Arm Lipo 3.5 Years Later?

Hi. I had liposuction in my arms a few years ago (Feb 2009) and the back of my arms still hurt to the touch. Some days its ago but others even the... READ MORE

I think I may have nerve damage after thigh liposuction but unsure. How can I tell?

I had saddlebag lipo about two years ago. Shortly after recovery when I began my running routine I notice a pain in my R Hamstring. It worsened the... READ MORE

I had neck lipo 9 weeks ago & something happened to my marginal mandibular nerve. Why's my recovery taking so long? (Photo)

This was really severe when the surgery was first over. It gets even worse if I'm crying. Three days ago, I started massaging my chin based on a post... READ MORE

Nerve Damage from Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

I had a full TT with liposuction over 8 weeks ago, the right side feels okay the left side is horrible. Is it possible to get nerve damage to bowel... READ MORE

Nerve Damage from Lyposuction to Torso, Is there Anything I Can do?

I had lypo 8 years ago and have experienced severe nerve damage to the torso area. I had ultrasound treatments, tried neurotin, acupuncture...anything... READ MORE

I am worried that I may end up with pain in my back from nerve damage. So far I haven't had any. Any thoughts? (photo)

I have had 3 lipo procedures all failed. Then surgery which left me with a hump in the middle of my back. READ MORE

Possible nerve damage after lipo? Or is this normal to itch like crazy?

I had flanks, upper, lower abdomen lipo & fat transfer to the butt. 5 days post-op now and have considerable amount of bruising but the itching is... READ MORE

How common is nerve damage after inner thigh liposuction?

I had inner thigh liposuction on January 6, 2014. Immediately after surgery I had no feeling in my left leg and could not move my toes. I was told... READ MORE

What do you think? Is it nerve damage?

I got liposuction on arms 5 maths ago. My right arm has been giving me a lot of pain I can't sleep. pain throbbing it feel like I am getting... READ MORE

How much of a concern is the risk of nerve damage to face with micro liposuction?

I had two fat transfers and was slightly overfilled. There are now prominent ridges on my cheeks and you can see the outline of the fat. My surgeon... READ MORE

Nerve damage after Tummy Tuck, Lipo and Breast Reduction. Any suggestions?

Sharp, electric pains when I walk longer distances. I am 18 days after surgery. Is this nerve damage? Will it gradually go away? Does heat or icing... READ MORE

Is it safe to have lipo and tummy tuck after having back surgery?

I had a lamenectomy (back surgery), one year ago. I have yet to regain my full feeling in my leg, due to the nerve damage. Do you think it's safe to... READ MORE

Perioral mounds - How can I get rid of them? (Photos)

I've asked this question before and I want to know the best way to remove them. I don't think buccal pad removal is what I need. I've also heard a... READ MORE

I have some nerve damage post neck lipo. Will ear numbness go away? I had neck lipo with a medium chin implant one month ago.

I still have numbness to the upper part of my ear lobe and above towards the middle. I do have sensation on the inner part. The bottom of he lobe has... READ MORE

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