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Should Anything Be Done for a Large Hematoma After Abdominal Lipo and Mini Tummy Tuck Procedure? (photo)

9 days ago I had a mini tummy tuck and abdominal liposuction. I have been in terrible pain since day 1 with bad bruising and very swollen. I went to... READ MORE

List Some Reasons Why Arm Liposuction Could Be Painful?

When will the swelling an stiffness reside after arm lipsuction? If there is numbness, should that reside soon after the swelling as well? READ MORE

Submental Lipectomy and Muscle Tightening On Neck 5 Weeks Ago. Left With Lumps From Hematoma? (photo)

I had a submental lipectomy & muscle tightening procedure done on my neck 5 weeks ago. A nasty haematoma resulted and now although the bruising... READ MORE

Is This Dangerous to Have Such a Large Painful Hematoma After Mini Tummy Tuck and Lipo? (photo)

12 days post op and I developed a hematoma within minutes of waking from surgery. My drain put 500 cc's 1st day. Then removed last Monday draining 15... READ MORE

Hematoma from Internal Bleeding After Liposuction, Will It Internally Scar?

I have a hematoma left from liposuction. It was large and has been drained numerous times. Will the bleeding internally cause scarring? Some scarring... READ MORE

I Am 8 Days Post Lipo of Abdomen/flanks and Have Developed a Hematoma. Do I Need This Surgically Removed Asap? (photo)

About a litre of fat was removed. I developed a large hematoma on one side (hip/flank), about 6 inches square, maybe even more, on day 3 or 4. Some... READ MORE

How Rare Are Hematomas and Seromas from Abdominal/flank Liposuction Alone?

I went to an extremely reputable doctor with vast liposuction experience, yet had both these complications after abdominal lipo of 1 ltr. The dr.... READ MORE

Can a patient safely get lipo if they have an ovarian cyst? (Photo)

Hi, I had lipo, tt, and bl approximately 10 months ago. Unfortunately I developed a seroma and a hematoma. I had them both drained in august 2014.... READ MORE

Prognosis for hematoma after liposuction on inner thigh? (photo)

On 8.11.13 I had liposuction on my inner thighs in India. Day 5 my left thigh swelled up. I returned to my surgeon several times and he said it was... READ MORE

When will a hematoma go away? (photos)

I had a seroma after just having liposuction. It was aspirated about 7 times (no drains) The last time the nurse drained it it formed into a large... READ MORE

Very Little Amount of Hematoma Fluid Left 1 Month After Lipo. Can I Start Exercising?

Had lipo amonth back.had two haematomas drained. nowa very little amount of fluid left in front ofmy left ab. doctor said to leave it. it will resorb... READ MORE

Will hematoma reabsorb? Should I have it drained?

I had a seroma drained multiple times until it reached 37cc. Last time it was drained it formed this large doughy lump. I got an ultrasound and they... READ MORE

My Legs Are Full of Hematomas (Like 25 of Them) and I'm Afraid to Be Handicapped for the Rest of my Life?

I had large volume liposuction one month ago on my inner, outher thighs and knees and my legs are full of hematomas, like 25 of them. My legs are hard... READ MORE

Is this a hematoma? (Photo)

Is this a hematoma? I didnt get a post op vest...but I got some wraps to place on my chest. I feel like the swelling got worse after I adjusted the... READ MORE

Can You Get Liposuction with an Existing Hematoma? (photo)

I had tummy tuck surgery in november and developed a hematoma on my upper abdomen a few months after. based on my examination with my local gp it's a... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to expedite the natural absorption of a post liposuction hematoma?

I have just had gynecomastia removal (Inc lipo) as well as abdominal liposuction. I developed a hemotoma almost immediately following surgery, my... READ MORE

Thigh liposuction: hematomas/seromas and pain when standing up; how long can it last?

I had a lot of lipo on the thighs 3 weeks ago and am wondering if the pain I'm feeling is normal and how long it can last; I don't feel anything when... READ MORE

Would liposuction be safe for me?

Three years ago I was knocked down by a car and my thigh swelled massively and I am left with a haematoma . Would liposuction be safe to reduce the... READ MORE

Am I meant to have a large solid lump after hematoma removal surgery?

Hey I had lipo and gynecomastia surgery on Friday 13th. Later that night I developed a hematoma which I didn't get checked out until the following... READ MORE

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